Our kitchen table


This little corner of my house, the kitchen table is my happy place.  When we had our kitchen redesigned I knew that I wanted a large kitchen table to be the centre piece of the room.  A table where we could all sit together for meals and simply take time to be together.  The table itself extends so we can easily sit 8 around it.   We have windows on both sides of the kitchen so you can look out into the garden from wherever you sit at the table.  There is a fig tree in a neighbour’s garden and its a pleasure to look at all the little birds feed in the tree as you sit at the table.   I love to decorate the small window by the table, I always keep my light box with a little message displayed on the window sill and during the year it is decorated for Christmas, Easter and Halloween.  The table is always the centrepiece for birthday mornings, with balloons, presents and birthday bunting adorning the table.

Celebrations and decorations.

 There is so much family life which happens around this table.  All our meals are eaten at the table, even though we have a dining room! I’m a real stickler for all trying to eat together, there’s a no device rule at the table and for the same reason I don’t have a TV in the kitchen either.  We do talk lots and its a great way to catch up with everyone.  The table is also used for one of my favourite times of day, the after school snack, as its winter, we have hot chocolates and a little snack to warm up and to all just relax a little.  The table is also used for homework, the children are not yet at the stage for doing it independently, so I will sit down to help and perhaps write a few to do lists as I keep them company and check on their progress.  The table is also used for fun, we play board games here, our current favourite since Christmas is Monopoly, the children love it.  If adult friends pop round,we’re most likely to sit and chat around the kitchen table its just welcoming and relaxing, in the summer the back door will be open and the breeze will gently fill the room.  Its at this table that I sit and think, plan, write and create, whether it be a little sewing project or some arts and crafts with the littlies.  Its also a place to listen to the radio, the station is mood dependent normally radio 2 or 4 with the occasional local station, or to enjoy some music on my phone.  When I’m older I hope that I will continue to sit at the table and feel in the wood, the memories and warmth of a family life time of memories.


The light is perfect for a bit of sewing at the table


There’s something special to return home after a school run and to sit at my table and to plan, write etc.. 

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