Carols by Candlelight and Christmas memories #littleloves


This week was as crazy and festive as I had predicted.  It’s taken me until now, Sunday evening to be able to have the energy to write up my post and it’s a little shorter than normal. There’s been a lot of lovely festive moments this week and here are my seasonal #littleloves

I’ve really enjoyed reading the family updates my friends have been writing in their Christmas cards. I have friends who I don’t see as much as I would like as we’re all dotted over the country but these little catch ups in Christmas cards are great.

I’ve also been reading aloud The Christmasaurus to the children and am taking great delight in the voices, especially the singing elves. I love reading stories aloud, I do it at work and home and my ultimate dream would be to read a CBBC bedtime tale.


This week I have watched three Christmas concerts and have loved every one for different reasons. The Beavers was original and fun, the school concert heart warming and uplifting with a beautiful choice of music and my SEN school’s concert inspiring. There is nothing quite like children singing carols to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Christmas jumpers, Santa hats and tinsel. I also wore more make up to try to disguise how tired I looked, too many late nights and early starts this week.

I’ve not made much this week, as for the first time in years I worked full time at work, it was definitely a one week Christmas special only. I did make some short videos for our Christmas concert, they were tearjerkers. Thanks to Wiki How I was able to learn a few new tricks on editing and how to do a few fancy tricks too.


As I was getting ready to go away to my parents this weekend I was thinking about my own happy childhood Christmases and remembered the music we always played. It was mainly from Jim Reeves’ Christmas album before my brother and I got some say in the music choices. I had a little browse on Spotify and the Jim Reeves album is on it. I’ve saved it for Sunday as we’ll be having a special Christmas meal and I look forward to seeing my Dad’s reaction to the Christmas Polka and Silver Bells. I felt quite emotional listening to the tunes, such strong happy feelings of childhood.

We are on school holidays now and looking forward to a few Christmas treats with my parents with whom we’ll be staying with for a few days before heading home for the final preparations, Christmas food shopping, going through the Radio Times with a highlighter, making gingerbread decorations to name just a few of the things we’ll be doing.  All of course to be accompanied by a festive soundtrack.

I’m linking up with Morgana at #littleloves


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