#blogtober17 : Day 6 : Flowers

Flowers by Wendy Cope from the anthology Serious Concerns

I love this poem by Wendy Cope and it sums up beautifully my husband’s attitude to buying me flowers. He is very kind and generous in so many ways but he simply doesn’t understand why I would like a bunch of flowers, in his reasoning there’s no point buying them as they die! This is the opposite of my dad whom I always remember buying my mum flowers. I’ve tried to change Mr S’ opinion but after nearly 20 years, I am resigned to his ways. Fortunately, I have lovely friends and family who give me flowers on birthdays and special occasions and I also often receive flowers as thank you gifts at work. It’s a lovely treat to receive a bouquet and I love the sensory delights of flowers, the smell, colours and shape. One of my favourite shops in town is the florist as she is so creative with her bouquets and known for sourcing different and unusual flowers. It’s lovely to have a little look in her shop, to be inspired and choose something new.

My favourite floral display is a simple vase of tulips in a single, bright colour on my kitchen window sill, they bring a vitality and sparkle to the room in the early days of spring. For me fresh flowers in the house are a beautiful treat for us all.



2 thoughts on “#blogtober17 : Day 6 : Flowers

  1. I’ve been with my hubby 16 years next week and only had a handful of bouquets from him. I am lucky like you though and have been given them lots by friends and family xx


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