#blogtober17 : Day 3 : Cars

Day 3 of #blogtober and the theme is cars. I have recently written a blog about my life in cars here


However I feel that I should write a few new words as part of the challenge, so here’s a little piece on Mr S’ sexy car!


Mr S is a very sensible person and makes very considered purchases, especially around cars. He researches price, fuel economy, features etc.. and is very good at negotiating a price. This approach matches his life, sensible, family orientated and a planner.  Mr S bought a new car recently and after careful consideration he chose a Citroen C4. However despite all his research and negotiation it wasn’t until he had paid his deposit that he realised the number plate was SXY.  My sensible husband now looks like he is going through a midlife crisis with a personalised number plate and one which gets noticed a lot!  He’s learning to live with the plate and it’s one of those little things which I think will become a family joke for many years to come when Daddy had a sexy car!





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