#Blogtober17 All about me

So here goes, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and trying a little blog project. I’ve chosen to try #Blogtober17 to be more disciplined with my writing and with the prompts I may write about something that I may not normally write about. So day 1, and phew its still October 1st (just) and the topic is about me. Firstly I have to admit that I’m questioning who I am at present. I think like so many mums we get caught up in the lives of our family and our other commitments and sometimes don’t have the time and energy to be ourselves.

So my basics, I am 44 years old (how did that happen?) and live with my husband of 14 years (together for 19) and 2 children in a small seaside town. My blog is anonymous as my children are adopted and we need to protect our identity, especially in a world dominated by social media where it can be so easy to find people online. Our children are a nine year old daughter whose life revolves around dancing, music and fashion, and an eight year old son who lives for sport and outdoor adventures.  They came to live with us seven years ago and are all our dreams come true. I work part time, I have a very fancy title which I think is a bit grand for my real role, but I work as a senior leader in a special needs school. I love my job but the work life balance is always a challenge. Like all mums, I spend most of my free time being mum, helping with homework, taking children to clubs and activities, cooking, cleaning and organising everyone, I always have a list!

My special time each week is spent running and I cherish the solitude of these runs.  At home, I like to read, write, do little projects and be creative in the home. I’m a real homebody these days and this is where I feel most comfortable.

I’m trying to quickly write this and publish before bed, perhaps I’ll come back with a Smash Hits quick fire quiz in the next few days, this makes me sound all so serious and I hope that there is a spirit, warmth and fun in me!

Late edit : I remembered I answered Vogue’s 73 questions on my blog, here’s a link to more about me




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