St George’s Day, Big Little Lies and French phrases


So its back to school now and routine.  As much as I love the holidays and the adventures they bring I feel somewhat comforted by the order of routine of school weeks.  It is only in school weeks that I have a little me time and I really appreciate this time.  This week has been a perfectly normal week and after reading Suzanne’s blog post below that is just fine with me.


I haven’t read as much as normal this week but there were a number of blog posts which have really stood out.  Suzanne’s post When did Ordinary Become Meaningless

has resonated with me, It was refreshing to read a post which inspires us to look for the little pleasures.  It also led me to one of my listens this week, an interesting TED talk by Brene Brown.

The Simple Things magazine was published this week so I read this too, it’s one of my favourite monthly reads.



Mr S and I caught up this week on Big, Little Lies.  I finished the book just as the series started so its very fresh in the memory and undoubtedly leads to a comparison of the two genres.  I liked the tv series a lot, the actors were outstanding, the music and the whole ambiance created was brilliant but there is so much more in the story not reflected in the tv series.  Whilst I recognise its the difficulty of adapting a book I would highly recommend the book to anyone who enjoyed the tv series.


I also watched a quintessential English event to celebrate St George’s day, the Scouts St George’s day parade in a neighbouring town. I watched Little Man and his Beaver friends march and the parade also featured St George and a very long dragon.  The parade ends at the town church for a service.  Last year it was a bit dry and the Beavers found it difficult in such a formal event, this year they were given the option not to stay, however the dragon and St George had got their attention so they were all keen to stay which meant I sat in it too.   I was so impressed by the service designed and presented this year by the scouts themselves, teenagers get a lot of grief but these had worked so hard to make it a fun, informative and appropriate service for everyone there.


Nope, I’m thinking and thinking and have no original makes this week, sorry.


This weather is so unpredictable, after enjoying some of my spring like clothes, during the Easter holidays I’m back to something a bit warmer as its turned so much colder.  Spring come back please, I miss you!


This week I have listened to Little Miss practice her French, her class were invited to meet some French children who are in our town for a school trip.  She has been so excited and its a delight to hear her saying her little phrases.  Whilst my teaching career turned by chance to SEND I am a MFL teacher and have a passion and love of  languages.

I also enjoyed this talk from Brene Brown which Suzanne quotes in her piece above.  Its well worth a listen on vulnerability and belonging.


I am so excited for this weekend, whilst we have some nice family time planned my excitement is for Saturday night.  I am going to a grown up party …. in a castle ( a proper fairy tale castle with turrets) …with a live swing band … for the 40th birthday of a gorgeous friend.  Sometimes life is very good x

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11 thoughts on “St George’s Day, Big Little Lies and French phrases

  1. It’s amazing listening to the kids learn another language. My kids are taking spanish lessons and I love when they say things in spanish. Amazing. Sounds like you have had a busy week. Happy bank holiday weekend #littleloves

  2. The weather has really turned this week hasn’t it? Its become chilly and not very nice! Bring back the sunshine! Have a wonderful weekend.. Popping over from #LittleLove

  3. I love listening to my kids talking in different languages, we lived in Spain and my teenage daughter is fluent, but my 5 year old has forgotten it all now despite being born there. He does know a few words of Italian and Maltese though from our time living in Malta so it’s lovely to hear him chatting away. I read Big Little Lies this week after watching the series, it’s a great book isn’t it. Until reading Suzanne’s post I actually thought TED talks were something for teens as my 15 year old is always going on about them, perhaps it’s time for me to take a look myself. Have a lovely weekend! #LittleLoves

    1. TED talks are brilliant, I have the app on my phone so when I have a few minutes spare I might listen to a talk, they are only between 5 and 20 minutes long. I like that there are playlists and themes too. Its so lovely to read others’ comments about children and languages, as a languages teacher I could list so many reasons why they are so valuable to learn, its more than words a real life skill. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

    1. Sorry to hear that Roo hasn’t a new group to join locally, can anyone be persuaded to start up a group? I know some schools have been encouraging parents and offering school halls for the meetings. It was surprising how many people were on the streets watching the parade. Hope you’re enjoying the bank holiday weekend.

  4. We were behind with Big, Little Lies too and caught up other a few evenings. I did find I had to explain a few bits of the plot to Mr S at the end, the book is more detailed. I tend to read The Simple Things over a few weeks, its always got articles you can just dip into. Have a good weekend.

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