New Ingredients, Pretty Prints and Mini Adventures #littleloves

Whilst last week’s #littleloves was a bumper edition summing up a few weeks this is a more stream lined version from the past five days. However as it was the school Easter holidays there was plenty going on.  This week was a week of mini adventures in more off beaten tracks, too many tourists in the popular haunts this week.  Our week has included trampolining lessons, a long scooter ride, exploring a nature trail, climbing to the top of a castle, walking along a river and meeting friends for play dates.  We also had more mundane activities like buying summer school uniform but its amazing the promise of having a £1 to spend in the Poundshop can help to make a successful shopping trip!



I read Schtum by Jem Lester following a Kindle recommendation as ‘ a funny and uplifting story of family and love.’  I thought it was a well written and moving story.  As with another recent read it was about a son with severe autism and the effect on the family, although there were other sub-stories too and it made for an emotional read.  There is a fantastic chapter ‘voiced’ by the son at a tribunal and I hope to be able to use this professionally in staff training sessions.  It is a book to make you thankful for your family and a reminder to listen to and to understand each other.


When Mr S is away with work as he was this week, I don’t often switch the television on, I prefer to read, to surf the web or simply potter whilst listening to music in the evenings.  When he has been home this week he has had the snooker on, of all the sports I find snooker sooooo boring so have buried myself in my reading as a distraction.


I have been creative in the kitchen this week, with no work I have had a little more time to experiment.  I’ve been reading around healthier alternatives to common foods and have tried a few new ingredients, almond butter, Algarve syrup etc.. and replenished lots of my herbs and spices.  Two favourite recipes this week were a chick pea and cauliflower curry and ginger flapjacks.  I’ve also made a few picnics to enjoy on our trips out.


One day this week, we needed to be out for the whole day to accommodate some work on our house.  This led to a bit of a magical, mystery trip around our county with various stops which included a brief pause for me in a small town to check their new White Stuff shop which was holding an opening event.  I bought this blouse and love it, its a great fit, that print is just amazing and I got a opening discount, win, win, win. It looked great with my jeans and is the sort of blouse which will look with a bright coloured shorts or trousers in the warmer days.



I read about the #30daymusic challenge and started typing up my daily choices this week This has led to lots of research on Spotify and You Tube and really enjoying some brilliant songs.


This Easter holiday seems to be going on forever, the children have Inset on Monday and then its finally back to routines on Tuesday for us all.  When the children are at school and I am doing my part time hours, I do manage a few more hours to myself, sometimes the holidays can feel a little overwhelming as my children find it difficult to occupy themselves and I need a list of ideas to keep us all calm and happy. I hope you have all enjoyed the holidays.

Thank you to Morgana at for hosting #littleloves and her lovely writers who inspire with their choices.




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