Mothers’ Day, Bugs and new trainers #littleloves


So this was the week in which it showed how quickly finely tuned plans can become an unmanageable mess with just one small change to routines.  The change was that I was sick and having 2 days in which I was unable to do much had an impact to our week.  On Monday, not only was Mr S away on business, I was sick, Little Man had a bad chest infection and was off school and then I got a call to pick up Little Miss who was complaining of being ill too (she wasn’t and that was definitely a skive) I’m afraid the day turned into a movie and duvet day.  I am too conscientious for my own good and rather than take a day off sick on Monday, when I normally work a morning, I made up my hours later in the week.  That was madness as by the end of the week we had taken the radical action of putting our house up for sale and putting an offer on what could be a dream house, in context on Monday we had no notions of moving! Needless to say it s not been a week of much relaxing but lets try and show a few #littleloves.


I have read the house particulars of one little house this week many times although I am scared to get too excited.  I also read my beautiful Mothers’ day cards and the lovely acrostic mother created by Little Miss.


Whilst Monday turned into Movie day I was too poorly to watch any properly.  The only notable programme was Prime Suspect 1973, the story is pretty predictable but I love the attention to details in props and costumes.


It was play date time this week and again I did the pick’n’mix baked potatoes (different friends so I got away with it again!) I created more fillings so the table looked a bit like the salad cart at a Harvester but the children loved it and all ate a good tea.


I’ve been needing a new pair of trainers for ages but wanted to wait until I was outside running rather than choosing a pair for the gym.  My new running shoes are so comfortable and supportive and made me realise how worn my old pair were, I’ll need to keep a note of the miles run to ensure that I keep my feet healthy in supportive trainers.


I have heard so many excited girls this week, the giggles have echoed around the house.  We had 2 little friends on Wednesday talking make up and boys and then Little Miss and her friends have been getting so excited about this weekend’s Brownie trip to Legoland where 5000 brownies are taking over the park!  I also played a Hot Hits playlist at tea on Wednesday night, my desperate attempt to look hip to the youngsters!


Whilst we have many things to do now for the possible house sale, I have a weekend of family.  My Father in law has arrived and my sister in law and husband will be joining us tomorrow.  Fortunately we have a lovely lunch out booked so not too much extra for me to do.  Then its time for the last week of term and Easter bonnet parades to prepare for.






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