Dancing, 80s music and red noses #littleloves


A little cheat this week as by writing my post on Saturday I get to add Red Nose day news which this week has been building up to.   Its been a busy week, ballet viewing, parents evening, a new car, RND (another dress up day at school 🙂 ) and the normal comings and goings of a family week.  It was also a week when terrorism struck London again and the sadness and frustration which accompanies such an attack reminds you of the important things in life.


I finished Bee Wilson’s This is Not a Diet Book.  I have it on Kindle and imagine its quite a short paperback, but so worth the read about our attitudes to food, children’s diets etc.. All excellent counsel on a very important subject presented in a common sense approach.

IMG_5379 On  Monday, I got to see Little Miss dance at her ballet viewing class.  It was lovely to watch and a relaxing hour of dance.  She has now been dancing for 5 years and her grace and poise is beautiful. I never got to have any dance lessons when I was a child and by encouraging her to ballet I hoped that she would not be as clumsy or awkward as I am. She’s not and has discovered a passion and delight in dance which is a pleasure to watch.

On Friday I watched #rednosedayactually. Love Actually is one of my favourite films, so the catch up on the characters was just perfect and the storylines seemed to match their original characters, I like happy endings.  It was definitely the highlight of Red Nose Day and the speech Hugh Grant gave as PM about the good in people was incredibly moving in the light of the terrorist attack this week . I may have whooped at the cards, engagement and children and shed a little tear for the speech and absent friends…



Mmm I’m really stuck on this category, the most creative activity at work was when I made some red nose animations to introduce a competition we held for RND.  My current work is very office based and formal and I rarely work directly with the children so it was fun to design the competition and then introduce the task to them with my work.  My favourite little animation was Disco Dom, he was such a dude to design.


I wore a red nose on Friday but not the foam nose which I had bought as this was taken by Little Man who wanted an extra one to complete the class’ collection of the 10 red noses.  I had a pin badge and considering I am often plugged into headphones on my runs, it seemed quite apt.



With an 80s 24 hour dance a thon on Radio 2 on Monday, I heard a lot of 80s tunes and loved being taken back in time to my childhood.  Whilst loving the music, I was unimpressed with some of the DJs knowledge of the 80s, Jeremy Vine took some convincing that Gorbachev wasn’t the USSR president in 1984.


Whilst its Mothers’ day tomorrow I don’t think we’ll be able to do our original plan of going out for a family day.  Little Man suffers with chest infections and has been coughing badly today so I think a day resting and being warm indoors is in order.  For years I’ve been trying to visit the ornamental gardens in a neighbouring town and been thwarted each time.  However, I am looking forward to opening the envelopes which came home from school on Friday, nothing beats a homemade card and sharing cuddles with my two little ones.

I am linking up with Morgana at http://www.coffeeworksleeprepeat.com for Little Loves




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