Spring Wish Lists, Dawn O’Porter and Sing #littleloves

A lovely little bonus this week was to finish for half term on Thursday courtesy of my part time hours and the children having an Inset day.  I’ve sneaked today, Friday into this week’s post as we used our bonus day to have a trip to the cinema.  It was a momentous weekend last weekend as Little Man went on his first night away from us on a Beaver camp. he loved it and came home tired and very muddy, the remainder of the week  has quietly progressed to the start of half term.


The latest Boden and Cath Kidston catalogues fell onto my door mat this week and I have been busy browsing and circling a few items in both.  I’m hoping to pop into a Cath Kidston shop next week whilst we’re away on our travels. I really liked some of their new prints so may try a few things on and may make a purchase or two.  The book print skirt I bought last autumn has been such a good buy, so easy and fun to wear.


Today I had to drive Mr S’ car to the garage in our county town for a recall so took the opportunity to take the children to the cinema whilst the repair was made.  We went to a stunning Art Deco independent cinema to see Sing.  I love the old fashioned cinemas, having been an usherette in one many years ago, its the fittings, history and original features which make the cinemas so special.  It was a full house today, I think it must be a county wide Inset day but it made for a great atmosphere.  I really liked the film, uplifting, full of fantastic songs and joyful.  The perfect antidote to the grey, cold day.


I’ve made very little this week, I suppose my only meal of note this week was my pick’n’mix play date tea.  I wanted to try something a bit different and thinking how mine loved the pancakes on holiday when they could create different fillings, I did baked potatoes with lots of filling options so they could be chefs and create their own special recipes.  It went better than I has expected and they all ate a healthy tea too!


Layers and layers, its freezing at the moment, when is Spring coming?



I’ve expanded my podcast list from Desert Island Discs and have subscribed to the Dawn O’Porter podcast.  Its a really easy listen and I would recommend it, the episodes are thoughtful, funny and honest.  I tend to listen to podcasts on the school run (the bit where I don’t have the children!) in the gym or in bed.  When I listen to music I tend to think a lot but the podcasts make me concentrate on the subject and in a busy, hectic world help me not to get too lost with my own thoughts.


We have lots of plans for half term.  First, its a trip to my parents and then with the couple of days Mr S has off work, we’re going to Portsmouth to visit the Mary Rose, Victory and other attractions at the docks.  I remember watching the Mary Rose being lifted from the sea in the early 80s and I’m interested to learn how it has been restored.

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6 thoughts on “Spring Wish Lists, Dawn O’Porter and Sing #littleloves

  1. Sounds like you’ve got a lovely half term planned. I work part time too and it’s lovely to finish early or go back a bit later than everyone else! Glad you enjoyed Sing, it looks brilliant. xx

  2. Oh i love it when the Cath Kidston catalogue hits the mat – thats my cup of coffee, peace and quiet time so i can sit and drool and make lists! lol #littleloves

  3. We love boden and cath kidston I have been drooling over there catalogues myself this week. Great with a cuppa. It’s lovely to have some much needed half term time off hasn’t it? The kids so desperately needed it here in this house. Hope you had a great start to the week #litteloves

    1. It’s been a great start thank you, just home from visiting my parents where we were all spoilt rotten. Hope yours is going well too and you’ve been enjoying outdoor adventures, I really enjoyed your post on getting out more it certainly inspired me.

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