Clothes Show memories, bathroom renovation and holiday plans.

A topsy turvy week in the Sparkles household as the work on the bathroom continued, thus lots of trades people popping in at different times and a slightly different working week for me as I attended a conference for 2 days.  With these 2 events, I tried to keep things simple elsewhere to maintain my own sanity.  My head was spinning with the logistics of school runs and clubs on the conference days, everyone had notes to follow!



One article which caught my attention this week was in Simple Things magazine, an interview with Caryn Franklin.  If like me you’re of a certain age, you will remember her as the host of the Clothes Show tv programme, essential viewing late Sunday afternoons looking at all aspects of fashion.  This article was about fashion and her personal projects.  It really made me think that whilst there are many magazines to sell clothes, there is little written or discussed about fashion, history, materials, designs etc..  Its time to bring the Clothes Show back!


On Saturday, Little Miss and I made a delicious celeriac soup. I make fresh soup weekly with whatever ingredients are in my fridge or cupboards but I had read a few recipes for celeriac soup and decided to have a go.  It was so good and definitely a flavour to try again.


On Sunday, we also made some reservations for holidays and weekends away.  We have really enjoyed going abroad in the last few years but wanted to show some of our beautiful country to the children and this year we have booked a week in Cornwall for August.  We’re staying at St Ives, home to a Poppy Treffy shop (yeah!) and a perfect base for some beach days and trips to St Michael’s Mount and the Eden project.  I’m really looking forward to the Eden project, Mr S and I visited it just after it opened so it will be great to see how it has evolved.  We also booked in a few visits to visit friends throughout the year, there are those whom you always intend to visit but time runs out but this year is different with firm dates for visits confirmed.


With my work conference, I was able to adopt a more stylish, less practical look and wear jewellery.  With the work I do, all we are allowed to wear for safety reasons is a wedding ring and watch so it was nice to wear a necklace, bracelet and pretty drop earrings.



I know that I often choose it as my listen of the week, but Desert Island Discs with David Beckham was very sweet with some really surprising choices, Ella Fitzgerald, The Stone Roses, Stevie Wonder and some Spanish and French songs.  Each week when I listen to it, I try to choose my 8 songs but it is an impossible task.


This weekend we’ll be staying local as Little Man goes to a neighbouring village for a beaver camp, his first night away from us.  We don’t want to be too far away from him, so it’ll give us time to catch up on jobs at home.

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