Project Inspiration, colour and daily mixes #littleloves

After a few dull weeks, I felt that this week I got a little of my sparkle and zest back, I was parenting solo again but this time it was much easier and more relaxed.  I used my time wisely this week and as well as a lovely family day on Saturday, I’ve enjoyed lunch with a friend on my day off and a trip to the hairdressers which always makes me feel a little more confident.  Our bathroom is being done this week and its all gone very smoothly so far, just a little more tiling to do and then the nice little finishing touches.  I am really looking forward to relaxing in our new bath, I’ve bought a luxury bubble bath to celebrate!


I’ve read lots this week, I finished A Boy made of Blocks and would highly recommend it, its written with strong characters whom you can easily relate to and it ends well.  As Mr S has been away I’ve been reading to both children in bed, so that’s Flat Stanley with Little Man and Harry Potter with Little Miss.  Finally I’ve been reading some magazines, a home magazine for inspiration for accessories for the bathroom and ideas for our next project our bedroom, it’ll just be a coat of paint and a few new accessories and the Simple Things magazine which is my monthly treat, its a lovely read.



On Saturday I watched the footage and saw the pictures of the Womens’ March around the world. It looked inspiring and empowering and was a great peaceful and powerful response globally to Trump’s inauguration and his policies and actions.

I do enjoy Call the Midwife so was delighted with its return on Sunday evening, its the perfect way to end the weekend although I’m sure like last series I’ll end up in tears over the story lines.



Feeling a bit low last week, I decided I needed a bit of colour in my life this week, I’ve fresh flowers in the house and bought a selection of lovely brightly coloured fruit and vegetables.  I’ve made some Mexican rice with bright peppers, casserole with the deep oranges of sweet potatoes and squash and a bright fresh fruit salad, with mangoes, kiwis and pineapple.


As well as injecting a little colour into my menus I also tried to add a little colour to my clothes.  It was only in little ways, fancy coloured underwear, a scarf, a belt or bag but it did perk me up in these grey, foggy days.


Now I have Spotify I find myself listening less to radio and using Spotify in a variety of ways.  This week I have been listening to my daily mixes, they’re good and are introducing and reminding me of some really good music to match my tastes.


We have no plans again this weekend and with Mr S having been away, I’m sure he’ll want a quiet weekend locally.  This suits me fine as I have a few jobs to do around the house and in town.  I also fancy trying a new recipe and have promised a baking session for the children too.


I’m linking up with the fantastic  Morgana at for Little Loves and am looking forward to reading hers and her fellow contributors Little Loves of this week.


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