Me Time

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This weekend I have a night and day alone at home, my first in over 6 years since the children came to live with us.  This quirk came around as Little Miss is away on Brownie camp and there is a family celebration at Mr S’ sister’s this weekend which the boys are attending.  I was not comfortable with attending the event in case there was an emergency with Little Miss and she needed me quickly so I stayed at home.  This is the first night I’ve been away from my babies in 6 years, its strange and I miss them but its an important step for both of them.  I hope we’ve been able to give them the confidence and independence to be away from me whilst being secure and enjoying their time away.  Little Man is with Daddy and has had a brilliant day but its hard not knowing how Little Miss is getting on at camp.  For all her confident manner and bravado, she can be fragile and needs reassurance, I hid a little note in her pyjamas to remind her how loved she is and that we are all hoping she has a brilliant time away.  The cuddle I give her when I pick her up at 12 tomorrow will be one of the sweetest we’ve shared.

So, the day which I have dreamed of arrived today.  This week I’ve spent lots of time thinking about what I would like to do, although I have been restricted by my need to be local and ready to drop everything if needed.  I think an ideal day on my own would be at a spa or visiting some galleries in a big city.   I am somebody who spends all my time with people at work and home and am always busy, busy, busy.   I was looking forward to the solitude.  Today has taught me that for all I dream about being lazy and doing nothing I’m not really that sort of person.  I had imagined after waving the boys off at 7.30 that I would jump back into bed but I was awake and looking for something to do.  By lunchtime I had been to the gym, sorted out and organised my wardrobe, chatted to my mum on the phone, done some recycling at the tip, pottered around choosing a book in the library, driven over to the neighbouring town and done a little shopping!  Since then I’ve read, wrapped Christmas presents, watched Strictly and this is my second blog post written.  Its been a day of simple pleasures and to be honest not that much different from a normal Saturday just without the company of my 3 favourite people.  The bonus was that I’ve not needed to think about making meals!

I do think that having a little time to yourself is a real luxury and a nice way of reminding yourself of the things you like to do.  I feel refreshed and relaxed and know that I’m going to be a happier and engaged Mummy tomorrow when we are all home together.  I just hope that the little ones are not too tired to share their stories and adventures with me.


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