I am that woman …

November 5th and feeling organised…

Whilst it is only November 5th, my plans for Christmas 2016 are well in progress and it makes me happy to be this organised and prepared.  I think this is partly because I grew up in a pretty chaotic family where Christmas eve shopping was part of the norm and everything seemed to be done quite haphazardly, I have happy Christmas memories but even at my young age craved some organisation in the season!  Now as a parent and teacher December is just a crazy, crazy month full of parties, events and concerts which I want to enjoy and not to feel stressed about other things I should be doing.  I should add that whilst I may not be running around the in the last week of term doing Christmas cards and presents, I’ll be making costumes, finding props and helping to create a grotto at work, so I will still have my share of Christmas madness.

I plan for Christmas from January, I do actually take time to reflect and record the good bits and what to improve next year and write them in my Christmas book.  This is incredibly useful and my Christmas book is a lovely momento of Christmas pasts, I record everything about our Christmas with a few photos. At this time of year, I start to plan menus, gift lists, decorations and cards and wrapping. This year, we are away so the menus have been deleted from the to do list, however given our holiday, my Christmas deadline for everything is December 17th, so planning is key.


I take great care in my present buying, each gift is always about the individual I am buying for and I take some time at this time of the year to start perusing Christmas catalogues and websites for inspiration.  I actually keep a note during  the year of any ideas or conversations to help me with ideas.  Mum has made a few comments about my soup maker, so its on the list for her, whilst a book I loved and know my friend will love it too has been bought for her.  I try and do as much shopping as I can locally, we have a fantastic toy shop specialising in Lego so I have already been there to purchase some Lego advent calendars,  they are an expensive calendar and different to our normal chocolate version but we’ve decided to deduct them from the Christmas present budget.  I am making great progress on my present list and have started to wrap them up and label those to be posted. I don’t wish to freak my friends out so they will be posted sometime in December.  I really think that this organisation makes Christmas so much more fun and relaxed.  Christmas is not about gifts to me it is something more spiritual and family orientated, as illustrated in one of my favourite Christmas quotes is from Dr Seuss in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas



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