Summer 2016 A Catch up!

This summer I have written so little on my blog, the good news is that I’ve been too busy living the holidays. Last year the awful weather meant lots of time indoors and the opportunity to write, this year after  months of moaning about the weather since the children broke up the weather has improved dramatically and I feel that we’ve lived outside this summer.  I’ve been checking my phone for photos to remind me of what we’ve been doing as I love snapping away and remembering our special times.  My phone is brimming with photos, summer at a seaside resort is brilliant and we’ve had a bit of extra excitement with Warner Brothers filming their new blockbuster on location in town too.  We have spent so much time outside this summer, we’ve enjoyed nights out in the tent . I really didn’t expect both children to stay the whole night in the tent but both did and loved it.  Whilst we slept in the garden I’m inspired to camp away from home next year.  We also had fun making dens at the local National Trust property where we spent a day on trails and adventures.  We’ve done plenty of walks, trips to the beach and park and simply playing in the garden, today we set up the train set in the garden simple but fun.  Pirate weekend preceded carnival and we went to our first outdoor production and explored a pirate ship as part of the activities on offer. Carnival week was great, we did the traditional what’s not my line finding the rogue items in the shops’ window displays, watched the parade, went to the dog show, saw Titan the robot and lots of other random activities.  One of my favourite evenings was the four of us watching the fireworks on the beach and then tucking into a bag of chips.

Our holiday to Mallorca was amazing but I’ll write a blog on the trip, so many happy memories.  We’re just back from a few days with my parents too and are currently hosting Grandad, we have our final treat this weekend with the county show.  It’s one of my favourite weekends of the year, it’s normally when we’re back at school but this year has been brought forward, you’ll find me in the craft tents and sampling local foods.

This really has been one of our best summer holidays, the weather has really made it and the children are at a great age to do things.  As the holidays draw to a close and we get back into routines,  I’m looking forward to catching up with my blog writing to keep all the memories sparkling.



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