Abba, sun and horses #litteloves

I’m so behind this week in writing this post, but the bonus is that I can add my Friday night to the mix!

The summer finally arrived this week, so it was  week of outdoors fun and end of term treats.  I have had two very hot, tired and grumpy children most evenings this week, the heat was too much and bedtimes became a battle.  We’ve ended up going out for late walks to cool off which have helped and I think we’ve acclimatised now!



 I’ve started Anna McPartlin’s Somewhere Inside of Happy and am enjoying the strong female characters in the novel, I’m willing for a happy ending but I don’t think it can happen, I might need some tissues ready.

Little Miss and I have been reading Bad Girls by Jacqueline Wilson. We’re new to Wilson although I’m aware of her themes and content.  I can either shy away from such themes or read and answer Little Miss’ questions as they arise.  In practical terms we’re going for the latter as I cannot possibly read all Little Miss’ choices in advance to vet them but I also believe that honesty and talking will help us with those difficult topics.


On Saturday night Mr S was watching the film Everest whilst I flitted in and out doing a few jobs, the more I saw the more interested I got and ended watching it more carefully. Although a sad and true story the filmography was stunning and I imagine it would have been quite spectacular on the big cinema screen.

I also watched Little Man have his first horse ride. We had gone to the stables so Little Miss could have a lesson, however as its in the grounds of a lovely holiday park they offer little 10 minute rides, groom ponies etc.. to the guests.  Whilst Little Miss was riding I asked him if he wanted to have a go and he was quite adamant that he didn’t, however he cautiously approached the horses and started petting them and started to relax, when I asked him again he agreed to a ride if I walked with him.  Needless to say he loved the ride and was disappointed his horse don’t go faster. I have one of my favourite ever photos of him on the horse, his smile is beaming.


We started to make our bucket list for the summer holidays when we broke up, there’s still a little work to do on it it its looking good.  We even managed to tick one event off last night!



Last night we went to a local Young Farmers event to hear an Abba tribute band.  I’m not ashamed to say that I love Abba and the band were brilliant, it was such a warm, friendly atmosphere and so much fun I had a bit of a hoarse voice from singing and loved dancing.  It was an outdoor event and the night was perfect, bright sunshine and warm. There was also a fantastic local support band who played a great mix, Coldplay, George Ezra, Divine Comedy, Bruno Mars, Muse, James so the whole night was full of excellent music. One of the advantages of a YF event is that the caterers are local farmers so the food was delicious and locally sourced.


Shorts, t-shirts, swimsuits, sun cream, sun hats, beach dresses, sunglasses, flip flops.  Yep summer is here and I’m going to rock my wardrobe.


So next week it’s the first full week of the holidays, we only had two days this week.  It’s swimming week next week, we have to be in the neighbouring town for 9am each morning for a lesson, so no holiday lie ins quite yet.  It’s also a big week in town, the pirates are invading and a major film is being filmed here so there may be a little celeb spotting to be done, keep an eye on my Twitter account for updates!

I’m now off to read and comment on last week’s #littleloves, apologies for the delay but my evenings were taken up with long bedtimes.  I’m linking up with Morgana at and her lovely contributors for this week’s #litteloves.



One thought on “Abba, sun and horses #litteloves

  1. We love Jacqueline Wilson! I know what you mean about the themes and storylines, I’m trying to keep track of which ones my 8 year old’s reading in preparation for any questions. So far I think we’ve managed to stick to the age appropriate ones.
    Eek – daily 9am swimming lessons?! Hope you’ve survived! xx

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