Word in a Month June : Referendum


Photo from http://www.jmbullion.com

There was no hesitation in choosing a word for June, it is the word which has dominated most conversations, referendum.  I hoped that the referendum would allow fair, balanced debate of our position in Europe and with a remain vote secured, resolve the issue which has overshadowed party politics for years. I can’t believe how wrong I was on all counts.  Brexit created the fear and anxiety among voters to encourage a ‘victory’. The result has left the continent in shock and led to a seismic shock in our political culture. It is the most significant event in British politics in my lifetime and I feel so sad and hollow about the result.  Perhaps in the future we’ll look back on this period as the changing point of British politics and it will be seen slightly differently as it is now.  It’s just hard to imagine a positive outcome from such a shocking result.