Stig, Capes and Dens #Littleloves

Deep breath time, I’m actually live and writing in a real life linkie! It’s scary and I’m a little nervous but here are my first tentative steps.

Little Loves is my favourite linkie, I’ve been following it for ages and Little Sparkles was my personal attempt to note down my favourite things of each week. I was just a little shy to join in the real linkie. Each week, I’ve been quietly noting down recommendations from Little Loves and it’s taken me to so many wonderful things I wouldn’t have read, listened to, watched, worn or made otherwise so thank you to the lovely contributors. Here are my #Littleloves for the week.


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My first read is a post which really struck me this week, from one of my favourite blogs, Life as Our Little Family, all about change.

A change is as good as a rest…

I love Kerri-Ann’s style and she often has me nodding in agreement. I love the theme in this post that we can’t always make the huge life changing decisions but sometimes just making a change can have so many positive effects. Kerri-Ann has definitely inspired me this week.

I am finally coming to the end of Nina George’s The Little Paris Bookshop. It’s been one of those lovely books which is a slow and gentle read as you immerse yourself in the beauty of the prose. As most of the book is set on a canal boat trip, the pace seems appropriate. I love the idea that the boat, normally moored in Paris is a ‘literary apothecary’ and that the bookseller, Jean listens to his customers and prescribes books.  It is also a story of lost love and souls, with three men as the main characters which make it an interesting perspective to read from.

I am also reading Stig of The Dump at bedtime with Little Miss as it seemed a good fit with her Stone Age school topic. It’s a bit more delinquent that I remember, smoking, crashing cars, a fox hunt, but is a fun read with a few pieces of advice thrown in from me to counter what the characters get up to!


sewing bee

Monday is my busiest day of the week, so I’m delighted the Great British Sewing Bee is back on at 9pm, perfect timing for me to collapse onto the sofa and be inspired. I was quite taken with the children’s capes this week.



Mr S and I have been making lots of plans this week, we booked a weekend away for June and bought tickets for an outdoor event in July. I love when the calendar is brimming with fab things to do and living at the seaside the summer is a really special time with lots going on.

I have also been making dens this week, which seems to be the favoured play idea. I was proud of my den building when little Man had his friend round to play, but rather than getting to play inside it I ended up having to play the scary monster prowling outside, cue lots of laughter from the boys but I think I earnt a few bonus mummy points.


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I wore new make up this week, as I did one of my rare trips to ‘big’ town and pottered around the beauty counters of the department stores. Sadly as I’m getting older my natural make up look is needing a little more specialist help to be achieved.


I was in the car with the children and heard Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. The memories came flooding back of a school trip to France with a coach load of teenagers and the constant playing of that song and Atomic Kitten’s Whole Again. It was one of the best school trips ever, so in homage to my ex students, I sang loudly and tried to explain to the children what a teenage dirtbag is.



Half term starts today for the children and we’re off to Butlins for the week, we’re all very excited as it is one of our favourite places to visit and we have so many happy memories of previous stays, here’s to a week of splashing, playing and laughter together. Happy half term.

I’m linking up for the first time with Morgana at and all the other fantastic bloggers for this week’s #LittleLoves.