Seaside Sparkles The Way Forward

Image via Pinterest, Quotes in Polka Dot

I’ve been happily writing this blog for nearly 2 years now and my aim was to simply record our family memories and happy times.  When I started I saw it simply as a digital diary, I have always liked to write diaries and the ease of adding photos appealed.  However as I started to write my blog I also started to read blogs and these blogs gave advice, ideas, inspiration and reassurance.  I have learnt so much from the blogs I read.  The beauty of blogging is the little community it creates, yet I write an anonymous blog and have been apprehensive about joining in with linkies, linking and opening up my Twitter account etc.. My reasons for my anonymity remain, our children are adopted and I wish for them to have a safe, protected childhood and I do not want to have to worry that their digital presence will lead them to being traced.  Over the past few weeks I have done some reflecting and am hopeful that as long as I continue to respect the guidelines I write by, no town name, family names or anything else which could identify us, its pretty safe to join in the blogging community, life is not about sitting on the side lines its about joining in the adventure.