Little Sparkles

This is a lazy write up in the hope of catching up with the sparkles of March, its a month which seems to have been pretty busy and I seem to be constantly battling with a migraine and the subsequent nausea and tiredness that accompanies it.  I am in one of those periods when I know I am doing too much but can’t resolve the situation.  I am definitely missing Mr S who is still working away, life is so much easier and fun when its our little team.


march sparkles.jpg

Sparkle 1 : My beautiful home made Mothers day cards, I love the blossoms and the messages inside are gorgeous.  I have saved these away to my memory box as precious little memories.  Mothers day is a funny old day, there’s great pride and love but a tinge of sadness too.  Mr S did well and I got the book I wanted Deliciously Ella Everyday, he did comment it was another cookbook but I do love my homemaking and I do use my recipe books regularly.  Mr S also treated us all to Sunday lunch out at a lovely local pub, which was much appreciated.

 Sparkle 2: On Mother’s Day morning we went to the dedication of a family friend’s son at the local church.  It was a warm and welcoming service and one filled with the love of family and friends.  As well as the dedication there have been lots of children’s parties this month so weekends have been organised around these events.

Sparkles 3 & 4 : I had my neurology appointment at the hospital following my referral after my falls late last year.  I cannot praise the NHS enough as the visit was so organised and efficient, I took a book and never had a chance to open it.  I was seen early and after a very thorough consultation went straight for an ECG and had a screening and made an appointment for a MRI scan.  I was delighted to learn with the ECG that I have a resting heart beat of 62 bpm which according to charts is excellent for my age.  I can also start proper running again as the neurologist thinks that my migraines are affecting my balance and its nothing more sinister, this should be confirmed by the MRI, so as long as I avoid running with a headache I should be fine.

Sparkle 5 : The television is really poor at the moment and on my ironing afternoons I have rediscovered some classic films.  I loved watching Strictly Ballroom, I have such happy memories of going out with my Uni housemates to watch it at the local Indie cinema, we left so exhilarated and one of those magic moments is us dancing in an underpass spinning each other round and singing Love is In the Air, the echoes just added to the atmosphere.  Such a random moment but one 24 years later I remember so clearly.  I also caught 10 Things I Hate About You, another classic and the scene with Heath Ledger singing Can’t take My Eyes Off Of You on the sports field is one of my favourite cinematic moments.

Sparkle 6 : March saw World Book Day and I was pleased with our costume efforts as Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and 2, simple and effective.  Perhaps next year I can persuade Mr S to dress up too!

Sparkles 7 and 8 : This was our Poppy Treffry embroidered picture for Mum as a Mother’s Day present.  In her new house she has a room nicknamed the Sewing Room so this seemed the perfect present.  I love that it is hand made in the UK and such a pretty picture.  As you can read from the text message, she liked her present.

Sparkle 9 : My Lightbox has been changed regularly this month, first we had the phrase above, followed by Be Awesome Today and now we’re on Terrific with a little spider and web from Charlotte’s Web.  It keeps me happy!