World Book Day

There are many days celebrated through the school year but today is one of my favourite as its World Book day (WBD) I love the walk to the children’s primary school on WBD as everyone embraces the fancy dress code and its great guessing the characters and then talking about the books with the children. This game is continued into school where the staff are dressed up too.  The costumes were stunning today and it did feel that the children were dressed as book characters rather than superheroes and princesses. I wonder if as we’re quite remote we have to be more creative, no shops to run out to last night for ready made costumes (unless you fancy a 40mile + round trip), just the charity shops and craft supplies available in town.  Our costumes were very simple to make we have the red clothes and I just made Thing 1 and 2 badges to sew on.  I picked the wigs up cheaply in town and they were the only expense, costing less than £5 for the pair.  My favourite characters this morning were TinTin, Pippa Longstocking, Mad Eye Moody from HP and Mary Poppins.  This year I decided that as I had Thing 1 and 2 to walk to school I may as well add to the effect and dress up as the Cat in the Hat, this was quite simple as I have a cat mask and hat (that’s teachers for you!) and just wore black. The overall effect was great and I’m really pleased I made the effort, it was fun and sometimes life is about being part of something not simply observing. As much as I love the dressing up, WBD is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate books and reading. One of the lovely parts of my job and being Mummy is discovering and rediscovering children’s books, they are so good and their stories stay with you. I love reading books to children, it is a privilege to share the stories and do the voices, rhymes, facial expressions etc.. Reading books is definitely one of my happy times, a warm fuzzy feeling. At their school, the children are having a character parade today and lots of book themed activities and then tonight we’ll pop into town with our vouchers to buy a new book and appreciate a new story together.