Little Sparkles

There are certain weeks when life just carries on regardless of all the chaos that surronds it, this week has been a week like that. The shock of the Paris terror attacks is still raw and real, whilst in our little household we are preparing for a change in our family life for a few months which will see Mr S working away during the week until Spring. This week has been organising the finer details, itineraries, hotels and travel as well as trying to plan the time to fit in all the family fun and traditions in the run up to Christmas. It’s going to be a challenging few months but hopefully the financial benefits and long term aim of more time together in the Summer will keep us all going, Mr S has promised us the best summer ever and it’s a promise we intend to keep.


Antoine Leiris’ wife was killed in the Paris attacks, this is his incredible response.


Words cannot describe the beauty, dignity and love in this Facebook post, it is the most moving prose I have read in a long time.


Some excellent listens this week, I’ve been at home a lot waiting in for people to call so have managed to catch up on lots of Podcasts. I’ve been enjoying the Woman’s Hour series on appearance, thought provoking and entertaining and loved this week’s Desert Island Discs with Nicola Sturgeon, undoubtedly my woman of the year. It’s rare to find a contemporary political role model so witty, interesting and lively. I liked her music choices too, lots of shared tunes there!

On a slightly different note, I was so impressed with the versions of La Marseillaise I have heard this week. Firstly sung in defiance as Parisiens left the Stade de France after the attacks, not scared silence but strong, proud and bold. Then La Marseillaise was sung at Wembley at the England vs France match to show unity and respect, two very powerful versions of the song.


On Saturday we’ve got into the habit of watching a film after Strictly. I really enjoyed our choice this week with the Steve Jobs film. I know it’s been criticised by his family, yet it it showed a genius and flawed character who was incredibly innovative and creative.

I also watched part of Little Miss’ ballet class but Little Man was not behaving well and sadly I needed to leave before his behaviour affected the students’ concentration. Little Miss and her peers have been working so hard for their ballet exam next week and what I saw was polished and well danced. Personally I’m terrified by the pressure of having her hair neat and tidy in a bun for the exam, I may need to call in a few favours!



Last Friday night, I started to make a list of Christmas things to do and make and we began the list on a wet and miserable Saturday afternoon with button decorations. They were fun to make and a good distraction to the weather. I prefer the tress they were simple and the children could choose the button sizes, Santa was more challenging.



After the wet weather of the past few weeks, the cold has suddenly arrived, so we’ve all been wrapped up in woolly jumpers, thick scarves and bobble hats. I do like a bobble hat and how it can cover a bad hair day, of which I have many!