A Sunday Lunch to Nourish the Body and Soul.

11a7ca6397ee22e83f1963a4e053799bNormally I wouldn’t write up a day out as simple as a morning at soft play and a lunch out but today seems different. In a weekend full of sadness and reflection the simple pleasures have seemed more important and the cosy warmth of a family day out has helped to smoothe some of the hurt and despair I’ve been feeling. Soft play was as good as it could be, its never going to be my favourite activity, a warehouse full of running, hot and sweaty children in a stuffy room but today we went to a different venue, family run and very well organised and planned, which proved to be a much better environment than the very large play area in the town next to us. We chose a soft play a little drive away so we could stop off on the way home for a Sunday lunch in a country pub, far preferable to a pizza in the fast food restaurant at the nearest soft play warehouse.

We were lucky enough to come across an absolute gem of a pub and arriving at 12 on the dot we managed to bag the last table, we didn’t know of its reputation but following our experience it is fully deserved. The country pub was a picture perfect pub, thatched roof, low ceilings, wooden beams on the walls and such a cosiness and welcome as you walked in, you could feel your worries dissipate as you entered. Even better than the environment was the food, we had a Sunday Roast, a nut roast for me but it was stunning, accompanied by homemade Yorkies, crispy roasties and an amazing side plate of vegetables, yellow roasted beetroot (sublime) swede mash, yellow and orange honey roasted carrots, red cabbage and a variety of sprouting broccoli. It was an amazing meal to feed and nourish our bodies and souls and we relaxed into happy chat and just the pure pleasure of being our little family of four. The children were so well behaved and mature, they are growing up into such special little people and make such treats a real delight. The warm atmosphere and feelings seemed to be shared by all in the pub as there was such a relaxed and peaceful ambiance. Today’s lunch was a great family time but also seemed to reflect a certain Britishness and culture, traditions we should nurture and value and always be thankful for.