Little Sparkles

Its the first Friday of the school holidays, so ideally we should be playing on the beach, having a little paddle in the sea and making sandcastles,  Sadly, the wet and windy weather has put a stop to these plans and after a busy morning swimming and swapping library books we are cuddled up under the duvets and watching Frozen (fortunately, its not on loop constantly here, just a film they like to watch occasionally)  Its been a funny old week, my school holidays and the children’s’ don’t match perfectly so I’ve had to work part of this week, although a shorter week than my normal part time hours.  Our plans have been shaped by the weather as its not been a great week but we can always make our own sparkles.



I’ve been reading Mollie Makes Guide to Social Media.  I have been toying with the idea of an Instagram account as I love to take photos but needed a way to put them together and make it easier to access.  I have created an account but am now worried about security.  At present it is private and will remain so although I have no family pictures on it yet.  Social networking is such a conundrum for me, I want to access it but am so conscious of our family’s security.

On a lighter note, I have been reading aloud Horrid Henry’s Jumbo Joke Book to Little Man, its really good and there are some funny jokes.


I heard some lovely, heart warming news this week.  My new boss has been a little secretive recently, lots of appointments, taking additional leave etc..  Now, 5 years ago, I was having to take similar time out of work and I had begun to wonder if he was going through the same process as us, however I also became a bit paranoid that Wednesday appointments and meetings at home don’t necessarily mean adoption.  On his return to work this week, my boss shared with me his happy news that he had been on adoption leave and shared the photos of his new baby.  There are certain conversations that only someone who has been through the process can have, empathise and appreciate.  It was just uplifting and heart warming to hear him talk about his new child so joyfully and emotionally.  It was a conversation that reminded me of the wonder of adoption and how wonderfully it can change lives.



Last night, Little Miss and I went to the theatre to see the ballet, Sleeping Beauty.  It was the most stunning production I have seen for a long time.  Everything was amazing, the dancing, music, scenery and costumes.  The interpretation through time was perfect and the 1920’s scenes my favourite.  It was the perfect night’s entertainment and thoroughly deserved the standing ovation from every member of the sell out audience.  It has only spiked my interest in ballet, I’m hoping to download some music later and to discover the different ballets.


bucket  WP_20150724_005

After school on Friday, our first job was to create our Holiday Bucket (and spade) list.  The children offered some suggestions but its been nice to see it evolve this week.  We have started to tick off some of our entries,  Mr S took the children to the cinema to see the Minions, they all came back with positive reviews and Little Man has been singing a song and shouting bananas a lot which I understand is something to do with the film.  When asked his opinion of the film, Little Man simply replied Colin rules the world!



The colour is not so good in this image, there are olive green and bright blue parasols on the dress.

Apart from raincoats, the only notable outfit was for the ballet where I wore my 50s inspired parasol dress with a cropped blue cardigan.  I love the vintage feel of the dress with the sweetheart neckline and full skirt.  I also like the pattern, it evokes the seaside so is a perfect choice.

Next week we’re looking forward to the best week of the year in our town, its carnival!   I really hope the weather improves as there are so many brilliant things going on and its my birthday and wedding anniversary, definitely a week to celebrate and enjoy.

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