Little Sparkles

Its been an odd week, full of anticipation and expectation for the end of the school year but the miserable weather dampened a few events.  The last days of term are supposed to be long playtimes, cartwheels on the playing field and making daisy chains not wet playtimes in a stuffy classroom.  However, the end of term is finally here, I have the bags of school work, prized paintings and debris from their drawers at home and we are looking forward to our holidays.  There’s not too many sparkles this week, its been a practical week, I’ve been busy but looking back I’m not sure doing what!


I chose The Complete Poetry of Maya Angelou at the library last week and have been dipping in to read and reflect on her poems.  Her poetry has a definite style, there is a warmth, political conviction and humanity in her words.   One of my favourites is Phenomenal Woman, its a poem I discovered a few years ago and is brilliant.  Here it is being read by Maya Angelou, a truly phenomenal woman.



A rather sparse category again.  On Monday evening I watched Little Miss ‘fly’ to Brownies, it was a little ceremony which involved crossing the rainbow and being welcomed into Brownies.  Rainbows has been wonderful for Little Miss and I hope she enjoys Brownies as much as I used to.  There’s been lots of steps recently with Little Miss moving to a new chapter in her life, she’s finished Key Stage 1 and Rainbows now on to her junior life.


I’m stumped here this week, the radio is always on but there has been nothing memorable, TMS is on again this week but the Aussies are doing rather well which makes it a bit hard to listen to.  I’ve heard raindrops against the window panes?  I need to work on this next week.


We still have some of the gooseberries from the PYO in the freezer so I made a lovely gooseberry and orange drizzle cake on a wet Sunday afternoon.  It was delicious but the gooseberries did seem to sink, I remember reading a tip to coat them in flour to prevent this so may have to try next time.

Whilst I didn’t make the gifts, I have to highlight the beautiful gifts the children were given by the teachers, Little Man had a pirate loot bag and Little Miss a gardening set, it was the wonderful gift tag which delighted me, reading We have loved watching you grow this year.  Its definitely given me inspiration.

garden set


I wore my running kit a lot this week and managed 4 runs, the best up to an hour , yippee.  I was also wearing head gear, hairbands and caps to disguise my bad hair, I’ve been to the hairdressers now so it looks fine again.  The dampness was not helping my frizz!


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