Fairy Dust

fairy doors

At this time of year, life gets crazy busy with family celebrations, end of school year events and Summer fun. Amidst all this mayhem we do have a family rule that on Sundays we all do something together, a trip to a local attraction, a walk or simply time on the beach. Today we took a picnic and visited a local beauty spot, the Blue Pool. It’s a beautiful place and one that inspires and calms with its beauty, tranquillity and peacefulness. We had a lovely surprise when we arrived and discovered a new attraction this year, a fairy door trail. You follow one of the trails and find the hidden fairy doors, all of which have numbers on. At the end of the trail you add the numbers and then go into the café which homes a beautiful fairy house and open the door to see if your answer matches the number. As well as our pride at getting the correct answer the children were delighted with their fairy certificates. The activity just added a little sparkle to our walk, we imagined what the fairies might do in the forest, where they would play and how they might use the different plants, Little Miss decided the ferns would be great for the fairies to float on in the Blue Pool and we shared some lovely ideas and stories. The trail was an unexpected delightful addition to a trip which has always been a family favourite.


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