Little Sparkles

Summer is slowly creeping up on us and our town is beginning to get busier until reaching the crescendo which is the school Summer holidays. This week has seen the inaugural Fish festival in town and the improving weather has meant more visits to the beach and playing outside.



This week I am finishing off the All Day Long book I’ve been dipping in and out of for the last few weeks. A life in the day of a research scientist amused me this week, Monday to Friday is for the serious work and then Friday night is experiment night when members of the department work on their own projects. I liked the passion showed by the scientists in their work, it seemed they were a group who loved their work and had creativity and interest, characteristics which do seem to have been lacking in many of the work days described in the book. It also mentioned the importance of the afternoon tea break when the department came together to discuss their work, share ideas, offer advice etc.. I love this idea.

I have also read text messages between Little Miss and her Grandma on my phone. Little Miss is a mischief with my phone but these messages were so cute and I was impressed by the content, I think predictive text helps with the spellings and encourages her to be more adventurous in her words.



Alerted by Twitter, I listened to an excellent Desert Island Discs on Sunday with the indomitable (you’ll need to listen to the programme) Professor Lisa Jardine. She was bright, intelligent and witty and made some brilliant comments.  I was truly inspired and impressed by her.

“I only do things I love, and I love everything I do …”



Sunday evening is ironing night and strangely I love it, I like to iron and watch a guilty pleasure programme, Cake Boss, The Little Couple, Say Yes to the Dress (all TLC favourites) Friends, SATC.  This week none of my usual favourite were on and I ended up watching the film The Wedding Date from 2005.  It was all so predictable and cheesy but strangely addictive helped by a good soundtrack and some of my favourite actors popping up, Jack Davenport will always be Miles from This Life, a favourite from the 90s and still the best ever final scene to a series and Sarah Parrish was great in her role.



Inspired by the gorgeous Greek food we had on holiday I made stuffed tomatoes this week, which were delicious with a crisp, fresh salad.



In the departures lounge at the airport, I popped into Accessorize and purchased a necklace which has been a great addition to my wardrobe, its colours and style mean that it complements most of my clothes and has been worn lots.  I did used to wear a lot of funky necklaces but a lot seemed to get broken by Little Man grabbing at them when he was little and I didn’t replace them at the time.   I’m safe to wear them again now and enjoying the additional sparkle they bring to an outfit.


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