Girl Guiding


This week has been busy with the final rehearsals and performances of the Girl Guiding show which Little Miss has been involved with.  She has loved the show and has been singing and dancing around the house in preparation.  I was looking forward to the show but it affected me far more deeply than I imagined.  On Friday night, at the dress rehearsal I was helping as a chaperone so got to see and hear some of the show early.   When I saw some of the brownies and guides dressed up in the uniforms I used to wear the happy memories just flooded back and when I heard Brownie bells from the side of the stage, such a warm, happy feeling flooded through me. At the show on Saturday it really reaffirmed to me what a valuable organisation Girl Guides is and that it as just as relevant today as a century ago, as the programme notes said ..

guide ref

When I saw the older guides on stage, I would be so proud if Little Miss could have their confidence, kindness, spirit and joie de vivre as a teenager.  The Guides instil the values, aspirations and opportunities that we all wish for our children.

As Little Miss will be moving up to Brownies soon,  this afternoon we looked at some of my old photos and I shared some of my memories of Brownies and Guides.  Its exciting to think of all the things she has to look forward to.



My certificate and Brownie Camp, Summer 1983

Postscript – June 8th 2015


So 30 years on from my last badge I received my latest guiding badge when I took Little Miss to Rainbows tonight for my help as a chaperone at the show.  I am so made up and delighted, I wish I still had my guide blanket to add my latest award.  I was more than happy to volunteer but to get a badge has made me ridiculously happy.


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