My Sunday Photo #14

There is something special about a lido on a hot summer’s day. The kitsch decor, swimming in the open air, sunbathing on the steps and a picnic lunch, glorious fun.


My Sunday Photo #13

This photo shows the app I’ve been avidly using this week, Google maps. My weekly driving miles are around 30, 20 of which are used on our weekly swimming lesson trip so it’s been a bit of a surprise to have driven over 300 miles this week! It was just one of those odd weeks when everything came together and was a mix of work and family miles. I have been all over our county and surrounding areas and Google maps has been amazing at route planning. I’ve enjoyed the driving, buzzing around with music blaring and the sun shining brightly. I live in a beautiful part of the country and the scenery has been stunning.

My Sunday Photo #12

Well on a week in which I did so much there is a real lack of photos to accompany the experiences. Understandably no cameras are allowed at the water park and I was too busy staying afloat and holding onto my paddle to take photos at my kayak lesson. It’s been a funny week, an Inset day for the children, 2 extra days of holiday for me and Little Miss on a residential but it’s back to our normal routine next week.

This week’s photo was taken in our garden where Little Miss and Mr S have been very carefully growing vegetables in our raised beds. Our pea pods started to appear this week and we’re all now looking forward to the harvest.

My Sunday Photo #9

I do like to decorate our home for special occasions and yesterday used my trusted leopard print Union Jack 🇬🇧 Accessorise scarf for the royal wedding. It’s a little frayed after a month hanging out of a window for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games but the wear and tear just adds to its charm. I’ve never been a flag waving citizen but it’s fun to use on special occasions.