52 weeks .. Outside

I have so many beautiful photos of where we live, it’s a beautiful seaside town surrounded by countryside.

I’ve chosen this image as it was taken on a morning run and shows the surf hitting the wall. This was the middle of winter but shows the beauty of being outside, our vitamin sea!


52 weeks #2 Reflection

This is a local beauty spot I like to visit. It is a lake in a clay bowl which leads to the water being a blue green colour. It’s a different colour each time you visit. The reflection of the surrounding woodland adds to the colour of the pool and it is quite mesmerising as you walk around.

52 weeks #1 A Happy Place

When we redesigned our kitchen the most important feature was a space for a large kitchen table. Of all the space in our house this corner of the kitchen is my happy place.

We sit around this table everyday as a family and we talk, laugh and listen to each other over dinner. It’s the area we decorate for special occasions, where I work and blog, sew on my machine, do art and crafts with the children, chat with friends over a cup of tea, it’s the heart of our home.