May 2022, busy and tough …

Whilst I occasionally combine two weeks in one go, it’s really unusual for me not to have posted a blog post in over a month. But this month has been exceptional and I’m not really sure how and why. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions with tales not to be recorded in the blog both professionally and in family life. I’m not sure exhausted is the right emotion, I feel genuinely shattered, its been a very, very tough time.

The weekends in May have been my highlights and we’ve tried to keep things simple and local. It’s cricket season so I’ve been cheering on my son on Saturday mornings, this has affected my parkruns I only managed one this month. However, I love the atmosphere and social aspect of cricket and as its such a short season, I’ll be back at parkrun soon. I also took my daughter to the farm for her last visit, it was financed through her old school and has had to stop at present. The weekend afternoons have been lazy in the garden, with friends or neighbours popping around and this has been food for the soul. These weekends are what has gotten me through the days.

As the month has ended, we have been away for a few days and this has helped to process the past month and reflect. There’s lots to look forward to in the coming months, birthdays, anniversaries and summer days living at the seaside.


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