Christmas Decorations 2021

Each year, I do a quick post on our decorations. This year, our decorations are pretty similar to previous years, with my rainbow window being the only new design.

The main tree remains in its spot at the foot of the stairs which leads into our large open plan living room. There is a side window here and that is a polar explorers window with felt animals, white stars and a large snow globe which lights up. On the mantle piece is my favourite tableau, the gingerbread village for which I bought a few additional wooden houses this year. It is lit up with copper lights which adds to the cosy ambiance. Around the foot of the fire place, I have my reindeer and Christmas tree forest. This is one area I would like to develop next year as a few of the decorations are looking a little faded and dated. This year, I did a very simple but surprisingly striking large window display with some large, ornate paper stars, a pre lit Christmas tree also sits in the middle window.

This year I debuted the rainbow tree I got in the Christmas Paperchase sale last year. I love it and have simply adorned it with baubles of the same colour and added a few rainbow decorations too. There is a brightly multi coloured bell star in the window too and the rainbow disco balls are from Tiger. These are amazing and will stay up all year, I love a kitchen disco and now have the disco balls ready.

I love my new angel which sits on our Christmas tree, I’ve been looking for one for ages and never quite found ‘the one.’ I was with my mum when I discovered it and she got one too, our angels now sit on both of our Christmas trees which I think is rather lovely. My daughter and I picked up the globe on our Christmas shopping trip, as a little reminder that we are all in this pandemic together and to encourage dreams of travel. I bought the glass rainbow tree from a local craft fair in late summer. I feel that you can never have enough rainbows, they are such a symbol of hope, something we have all needed at Christmas 2021.

I have had lots of candles burning this Christmas and the candlelight gives a warmth and delicious aroma to a room. I have also added lots of fresh flowers and like my wreath on our gate. Each Christmas, my neighbour and daughter have an afternoon where they make centrepieces for the neighbours and this year’s edition is really fun, the oranges and reds being complemented by real mini veg! The real tree on my door step is a welcome purchase and one which I hope to cultivate for an even bigger doorstep tree in 2022. Outside I have my white lights on the stone wall which complement our neighbours’ houses too, it looks very classy in our little triangle of homes. The projector of snow flakes is also nice on the side of the house.

This afternoon, I completed my Christmas book chapter for 2021 (oh yes this really is a thing, I have 3 books now of past Christmas planning going back many years) It is really helpful to note down thoughts and plans for the next year including decorating ideas to help me feel inspired in the autumn. I also add photos, recipes, family Christmas card etc.. Its also interesting to see the new themes developing over the years, I think rainbows may be a bit 20/21 but I love this theme and intend to use it again for its pure joy and energy. I do think that decorations should reflect your personality and not simply follow a trend.


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