My week .. the one Little Man started secondary school

This is part one of two week’s of back to school entries. Despite attending state schools in the same local authority there is nearly a week’s difference in the start of the school year and the end of the school year for my children. I know I would prefer to go back now (hey its been 6 months) and have a longer summer holiday in 2021. I’m back at work too and the first week of term is another of those full on weeks, so much to do. We’ve not had the opportunity to really get into a routine yet but hopefully that will follow in the coming weeks and I won’t feel so overwhelmed.

So on this bank holiday week, these are my sparkles.

I walked a lot ..

So after never having achieved 30k steps on my Fitbit, I managed it twice on the bank holiday weekend as we enjoyed two family walks and picnics. We had hoped for sunny, hot days on the beach but with slightly cooler weather the walks helped us all get out and distract us from our anxieties about the week ahead. Monday was a tough ascent rewarded with the most fantastic views (especially of the cruise ships) the little graph shows the hill, it was steep and challenging but in its own way quite fun!

I survived Little Man’s first day ..

I was at work on my son’s first day at school so Mr S as our new stay at home parent took him. He has started a special secondary school so its no longer a few minutes from home and my work, but a 23 mile journey, this scares me a little but I’m trying to be brave. I don’t think he’s ever been as far from me! He was excited to be going to school and was up early all dressed in his new uniform, hair styled and ready for his day. We took the first day photos and it was the first time that I don’t have a photo of the two children on the first day back. I will take a photo of my little duo next Tuesday, but Little Man will be a veteran by then and I’m sure the uniform won’t be so pristine! Mr S was able to reassure me just after 9am, that he had gone in happily and I was clock watching all afternoon to the time, he was collecting him from school. Little Man had a brilliant first day and had the broadest grin when he came out of school, he had played cricket and made new friends. The feeling of relief was indescribable, I felt very tearful. The next day was Thursday and whilst Mr S took him again I did the pick up so I could get my bearings on the journey and how the pick up worked. It was really reassuring to go to the school and see him coming out of school and to meet his teacher. On the journey home, Little Man was keen to tell me all about his day until he fell asleep mid sentence! On Friday, Little Man took the taxi for the first time, again lots of nerves but he was back on time and had managed to navigate how to get from the taxi to class. He’s been incredible this week and we are so proud of him. He’s had a brilliant week and really enjoyed his new school. All the stress and fighting for the correct school place was the right thing to do and although it nearly broke me I am so pleased we did it.

I read a fascinating book ..

I’m reading one of my 99p Kindle Deals, The Checklist Manifesto. Its such an interesting read on how checklists can ensure that tasks are done correctly. There are so many fascinating case studies, from medical to aviation, architecture and Van Halen. The Van Halen story is great, as in their gig check list they hid a request for brown M&Ms to be removed from a jar of M&Ms in their changing room. This was not rock star silliness but they would not play if there were brown M&Ms in the changing room. The presence of brown M&Ms meant the checklist had not been followed correctly. The checklist was so important because of the complex stage show they had created and they needed very specific safety measures to be followed in full detail. The brown M&Ms were a simple, quick way to ensure the safety of their crew and audience. The book is full of stories like this and I’ll be writing a few checklist at work following this read.

I listened ..

Its the first week back at work and I do love a little seasonal song. This week I have changed my alarm from a traditional tone to Earth, Wind and Fire’s September. I love this song, it would definitely make my desert Island Discs and I like the silliness of waking up to such a tune this month!

I watched ..

Today, I have been at a skate jam. I had no idea what this was but little Man was keen to attend after seeing the posters in the skate park. The premise was that the participants had one minute to perform their best tricks. Little Man initially signed up but then whilst watching the older boys got a little worried and chose to watch the tricks rather than participate. However, he still enjoyed it and we ended up being there for 4 hours, thankfully I had a packed lunch and my Kindle. The tricks were amazing, somersaults on scooters, spinning scooters etc.. It was an emotional event as it had been organised by a local charity which supports the mental health of young people following the tragic death of a local boy. However despite the sadness it was an uplifting and inspiring event for the town’s young people.

And finally

So its week two of back to school next week and another new school. Its certainly an eventful month for us all. I am so looking forward to settling into a routine and our new normal.


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