My week

There is monotony in life in lockdown, each day has its routine, home school in the morning, a walk in the afternoon or if its a work day, a long day in my office and a walk in the evening trying to get to my daily step target of 10k. This week seemed really monotonous and I think we’re all confused what we can and can’t do, the public are losing patience with the government ambiguity on decisions. We had a slight change to routines this week as Mr S is now working at home, as my work poses a risk as it is a setting with confirmed Covid 19 cases.

I wore ..

Given the Covid 19 cases, I am now in PPE at work, a mask and gloves when I leave my office and am in communal areas. In truth, I walk into my office and leave at the end of the working day, with only one comfort break. We are in lockdown and you need to keep as safe as possible. The masks look awful and make you feel quite nauseous but they are medical quality to keep us safe. We have all the cleaning materials to keep everywhere clean and the new start and end to each day is anti baccing our office. It is a horrible situation but we have young people to keep safe and we can’t leave them alone. Our staff are doing amazing things in the most challenging circumstances.

I decorated …

Well I finally decorated some stones which is on the essential list of things to do in lockdown, along with the infamous banana bread! It was a nice activity and kept us occupied on Sunday morning in the garden as the sun shined. Its the simple things which bring joy.

I got a phone call ..

Okay getting a phone call is hardly an unusual part of the week, but this was so unexpected and exciting that it merits a mention. For the past year, we have been trying to get our son a place at our local special needs school. All professionals agreed it was the best fit but there was no place available. This has led to mediation, tribunal, letters to MPs, councillors and finally after months of no school place for Sep 2020, a place was offered at our second choice.

Whilst we were delighted to get a place, we realised that given the distance from our home, we would have to move from our idyllic seaside town to make life work for all of our family, so were having to anticipate big life changes for us all. We had begun to get our heads around all of this and were starting to make tentative plans when out of the blue on Tuesday afternoon, I got a phone call offering a place at our number 1 choice. To say I was shell shocked would be an understatement and I couldn’t quite believe it until I had the confirmation email. This has meant we can relax and simply focus on settling him in the new school rather than having to make those big life changing plans. The relief is indescribable and I’m still having to reread the email to believe its true!

Next week is the last before half term and then a pause on home schooling for a week, yippee! I’m trying to plan lots of lockdown treats as we were due to be at our happy place of Butlins at half term and whilst it wont be the same, I want them to feel some holiday vibes.

Have a happy week.


One thought on “My week

  1. I know what you mean about the monotony – it has been getting to me, too, this week. Still, just one more week of home learning with the kids and then we get a week off for half term… and I am determined that we have fun then!

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