My week

This week we are are still in lockdown but we are doing things to try and enliven the experience. Here are some of the things we’ve done this week.

I’ve read

I tried to read a magazine this week, I just needed something light. However the articles just didn’t sit right in the current situation, travel, days out, clothes shopping, all things we can’t do at present. Unless it’s a specialist magazine, I don’t think I’ll be buying one for a while.

The book I read, ‘Love, Loss and what I wore’ was recommended by Gretchen Rubin’s podcast as it’s this month’s book club choice. I loved the book, an unusual concept, an autobiography through outfits. It was surprising how much of the author’s life came through some simple descriptions. It’s inspired me to write about some of the memories I have of favourite outfits.

We made …

Little Miss took an idea we had together and made a blue ombré nhs display for her bedroom window. I think it looks great under her rainbow hearts and shows our support for our amazing nhs.

We cooked …

Meals have become a highlight of our days and the children are taking it in turns to help me make our main meal. They have helped to make a shepherds pie, rice pudding, curry etc.. all from scratch to show them how we use fresh ingredients and herbs and spices to make a proper meal.

I listened …

The radio is an important resource in these times. It does bring people together and I’ve really appreciated it in these past few weeks. I listen to all types of radio stations, local, national, music and spoken word. It’s helped balance what is happening in the world and stops a preoccupation with scrolling through social media. Radio whether national or local is a community hub and as much as I like podcasts, live radio is a comfort and necessity.


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