Coronavirus Diary

I thought it might be interesting in years to come to have written a daily diary of this period. (Hey, I might to get to share it with my grandchildren for their history projects) I’m only planning a sentence or two a day.

Saturday 21st March

After the most intense and challenging week at work, the weekend is our chance to relax before our new normal starts on Monday. Sadly there was no parkrun today, I went out on a run at 7am, carefully ‘social distancing’ myself. The only people I saw from afar were the elderly walking down or back from the supermarket. Later on, I popped very quickly into town, the shops had lines on the floor where you were to wait to be served and limits on numbers in shops. It was eerie and I was back home quickly after getting the goods I needed.

Sunday 22nd March

I know that in our family we all need time outside to help us feel us. We live so close to the countryside that it’s a few minutes from our front door to miles and miles of fields and coastline. We started our day with a long walk. Again we were trying to socially distance ourselves from anyone else. This worked well and when we saw others it was a wave and shout of good morning from a good distance. However I was taken by the reaction of an elderly lady we saw as we entered a new field. She sprinted away from us, at least 25 metres. We could sense her anxiety, her face was covered by a scarf and she looked frightened, rather than follow the path she was on we took the opposite direction to help her. It showed how anxious and frightened some people are of the Coronavirus, I hope she had someone at home to reassure her. The streets seemed very quiet today and after the walk we stayed at home. I am enjoying the time to do some of the little jobs I’ve been meaning to do for ages and it’s nice to take time on preparing fresh meals from scratch. As it’s Mother’s Day, we FaceTimed my mum who was enjoying time in the garden. So far so good until she added that she and dad were thinking about garden projects and were planning a trip to the garden centre tomorrow, words were said and a compromise that they should order their gardening goods online!

Sunday morning walk, no one in sight.
Nerf gun fun in the garden

Monday 23rd March
Our first day of our ‘new normal’ although if news reports are correct, another ‘new normal’ will begin tomorrow with a national lockdown. Although we’re both keyworkers, Mr S and I have arranged our working weeks so that one of us is always at home for the children.  Today was my day at work and his at home.  I have compressed my working hours into longer days so I was up early and in work by 6.50am today.  The working day went quickly, it was reading, analysing and implementing new government advice and simply managing staffing.  We were in a fortunate position today, whilst we had Covid 19 absences, we had plenty of staff on shift and (whispering) we were able to do lots more than we do on a regular day! We are acutely aware that it is not going to be like this everyday and a lot of time was spent drafting staffing plans and scenarios for more difficult days.
At home, the first day of home schooling went remarkably smoothly.  I was a little worried when I had had 4 texts from Mr S by 9.30am but all work was done in the morning and the afternoon was spent playing indoors and outside in the garden.   I have been prepping my work for tomorrow with the children and done a quick bit of research on the play ‘Our day out’ to help with an assignment. 
The ‘hub’ of our planning, there’s a laptop hidden under the papers too. And yes we are wiping clean everything.
Tuesday 24th March Today was our first day in ‘lockdown.’ However as we have been following government advice since the weekend it didn’t seem too different. Mr S was at work today and I was at home with the children. Given the nature of my work, I was checking in virtually during the day so I’m up to date when I go in tomorrow. We started the day with our one allowed exercise session and walked into the fields behind our house, through the woods and up to the coastal path. It was a stunning morning and the walk did so much for our physical and mental health. We came home and made fresh pancakes, it’s important to add those little sparkles to our days in isolation. We then did some school work and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the garden. The afternoon went quickly with some more school work, in fairness it’s a good mix of a few quiet focused academic tasks and lots of creative things to do too. We had a family game and then the children played in the garden whilst I did washing, got tea ready etc.. Today didn’t feel too bad, we were regularly what’s apping my parents and a few friends so we got the social interaction. However I’m very conscious that this is early days and there will be very many days like this to come, one walk and the day at home. Im all for taking the wins and today was one of the good days.

Wednesday 25th March

Work day today and another long day as I’m compressing my four days work into three. I’ve noticed how much more desk based I am this week as I can no longer visit classes. Our students and staff are allocated groups and bases to minimise the threat of infection and staff cannot visit unless they are in the team. I miss our students and our daily interaction, although we’re ringing up and hearing lots of good stories.

This evening I went for a walk alone. It’s strange for people only to have one opportunity a day to exercise. Normally, Little Miss would have joined me but had gone out with Mr S and her brother this morning. I also realised that I won’t be able to do my normal runs as I need to use that exercise time for family outings.

Thursday 26th March

My day off and normally my day to potter, run, and meet up with friends for coffee or lunch. I miss these simple pleasures. Today we had a very hilly walk but the signs of springs were everywhere to distract from the inclines and the views were amazing. We saw a few people on the walk but everyone seemed to be adhering to the guidelines. There was some more school work to be done, mainly some maths online for both the children. Once this had been done it was time to bake a ginger cake and play in the garden. Watching the children in the garden, I was able to message some family and friends to check in and make sure everyone is okay. Following a ‘chat’ with a neighbour I left an emergency pack on her doorstep, books!

Shortly at 8pm Little Miss and I are going into the garden to clap our NHS. We can see our cottage hospital from our garden so will be cheering so they hear us!

Friday 27th March

Well I totally underestimated the support for the applause for the nhs at 8pm last night. I was happy to go out out and wondered how many others would be doing it too. All our neighbours were out or hanging out their windows, there were cheers, clapping, whooping and pots and pans. The sound was amazing and it was the most incredibly moving and emotional moment. It gave us the sense of community and belonging in this period of isolation.

Today it was a work day for me, it’s been a week where I’ve done things I never knew of before this week. Today I was issuing key worker letters for our staff to show to the police for travel. Two of our staff got stopped on their way to work so it was needed. My week has been full of new tasks, it’s been a tough, long week and a very different time.

Saturday 28th March

Parkrun day 🙁 There are so many things you begin to miss (excluding family, hugging etc..) and parkrun is definitely one for me, as well as going to my favourite cafe, pottering around town, popping out when you fancy . I didn’t run today as I have only one opportunity for exercise and I took Little Man for a long walk up to the nature reserve. I did get an ‘again’ but I’m only exercising where we can walk to from our house. We did go a different way and saw some great sculptures which brightened the journey. Today as we were both at home Mr S and I decided to have some 1:1 with a child. It’s quite difficult only having your sibling to play with and quality adult company seemed to help today.

Mr S and Little Miss spent a lot of today gardening and it feels like spring is arriving, we can choose the veggies in our patch and think about our pots.

Mr S was far braver than I and gave Little Man a much needed haircut. Our neighbour is a hairdresser and the clippers were left and returned to the garden gates, a no man’a land in these strange times!

Sunday 29th March

The clocks went forward today but it didn’t seem like our normal welcome to BST apart from being in the garden there’s little immediate benefit to the longer days. Our day started with our new normal, a long morning walk. The rest of today was some household tasks and more time in the kitchen. I helped Little Man bake some cakes and then Little Miss and I made a chestnut and mushroom flan from scratch for tea. An unexpected bonus of this lockdown is more of a focus and time on preparing meals.

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