This week I …

This was a tough week with Brexit on Friday so here’s some beautiful flowers to cheer me up. I got these in Aldi following a friend’s recommendation. I was really impressed by the quality and price of their flowers it’s just a shame that it’s over 25 miles to my nearest store.

I read …

This was my first 5 star read of 2020, it’s such a lovely read. It’s a tale of a couple from when they meet until their deaths and shows the different types of love shared throughout their lives. It’s incredibly moving and I sobbed at the ending.

I watched …

Something else that had me sobbing this week was the tv programme shown on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, The Windermere Children. It’s the true story of the children liberated from the camp and brought to England to be cared for and supported. It’s a drama based on real stories and the final scene is incredibly moving with the real people appearing with the actor playing their younger self.

I made …

Well this is the 3rd costume I’ve needed to create this month and we haven’t even come to World Book Day ( I’m thinking Stig of the Dump using some of the clothing above) So far I’ve done an 80s costume for Little Miss’ school production, a soldier for the cubs gang show and now a Viking for class assembly. I’m afraid that I didn’t have the time or creativity to make a helmet this week. Surprisingly we have a fancy dress shop in town so I popped in there for the helmet. It’s a v small town but with carnival, NYE, lots of local productions etc.. there’s a surprising need for fancy dress.

I listened …

With Me Now is my favourite podcast, it’s like listening to friends chatting, there are in jokes, gentle teasing and a shared love for running. It’s the only podcast for which I’ve gone back to the beginning and listened to every show. This week it was released too late for my Thursday run and I couldn’t wait until my car journey on Saturday so I cuddled up on the sofa on Friday night headphones on to listen. This podcast never disappoints.

I wore …

There were no new outfits this week but it was a week where sunglasses were definitely needed. It’s been so bright and sunny. This was a photo taken on Tuesday morning when I was out for a walk with a student. We both paused just to appreciate the sun on our faces.

Happy week everyone.


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