This week I …


This post is back to a weekly entry.  Its been one of those ordinary January weeks of work, school, clubs and friends.  I appreciate these weeks as sometimes you need to pause and just be.   I think this may be a short post but that’s the way some weeks roll.

I read … 


This book, Running for my Life by Rachel Cullen was on my Kindle daily offer a few weeks ago and the runner in me couldn’t resist the title.  This is such a great book and it really isn’t about running.  Its about understanding who we are, our self identity. I would readily recommend it to runner and non runner alike as there is something for everyone to take from the book.

I listened …

Again don’t be put off by the podcast title, this is an inspiring and emotional podcast about a father and son doing the ultra marathon Comrades in South Africa.  Again, its not about running its about something so much bigger.  Its the story of the father’s exile from South Africa for his anti apartheid campaigning and the history of Comrades, the race he watched as a child.  Its an incredibly emotional half hour broadcast as father and son run Comrades, have your tissues ready.


I watched …

Apart from my favourites detailed last week, I’ve not really watched much television this week.  Its back to my studies, podcasts and reading in the evenings.

Although a tedious link, I have watched nature this week.  There have been some spooky sea mists this week, whilst one day the sea was so still and the most beautiful shade of blue you couldn’t help but just stop and stare.

I made …

There are no special recipes this week.  I’ve been enjoying some winter salads for lunches at work, with more pulses and grains as ingredients and made my favourite celeriac soup last weekend.  This week’s dinners have been a menu of warming, comforting foods.

I wore … 


There are no new or different outfits this week but Little Miss and I have spent time putting together her costume for her school’s upcoming show, set in the 1980s.  I did a trail around the charity shops for a few items and ordered a few bits online too. Little Miss is very busy with rehearsals and we’re all looking forward to seeing the show next month.





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