Welcome January

I always try to see the simple pleasures in life and despite the grim weather and dark days, January is a month of fresh starts and new opportunities.

I’m a little late in writing this post as I knew January was going to have a demanding start. In the first ten days we had a number of important family appointments and the deadline for the Module 1 assignments of my uni course. I got through it as best as I can, by compartmentalising my life and focusing on the now. Whilst it was challenging, I feel relieved that I met my coursework deadline and that we presented the best case in the mediation process with our local education authority for a special school placement.

After a tough start, I can now focus on the coming year which I hope will be full of contentment. There are plans to make, for example to finalise my #20for2020. I’m looking forward to starting module 2 of my Uni course, which focuses on my real areas of interest and then most importantly to enjoy time with my family and friends. I’m not expecting a year full of big events but one of simple pleasures.


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