Christmas rules in the Sparkles household

Having written this blog for 5 years and written many Christmas posts I thought I would share some rules and quirkinesses of our Christmas. Every family has their own way to create their holiday and here are our special customs.

1. Tree wars. Me S and the children want the tree to go up on the first of December, I argue for a later date. This year it went up on December 7th, the first full weekend of the month which was a good compromise for us all.

2. My tableaux. Whilst the children and Mr S like to decorate the tree, I love creating different themed displays throughout the house. In the kitchen we have the gingerbread window with the driftwood tree. We also have a polar window, the nativity mantle piece and our bay window tree display. Lights and bunting feature prominently in all displays.

My gingerbread window, recent Christmas photos are normally on display too.

3. Decorations. I’m a lot keener on decorations than Mr S and am always looking for something special. Sometimes I may pop them straight into the decorations box so at Christmas time, I can sweetly reply oh this old thing! I also do try to purchase a decoration on holiday every year as a memory of family times. I also think you can never have too many twinkling lights.

4. I love my Christmas themed homeware. I feel that in December you should only be eating a mince pie from a Christmas plate! Likewise you should only dry your hands on a Christmas towel. Unusually I haven’t Christmas bedding (yet)

5. Sparkling house. This is one from my childhood, on Christmas Eve the house must be clean and tidy, fresh linen on every bed and empty washing and ironing baskets.

6. Tommy the elf. Tommy is the best Christmas tradition and the nightly notes are a wonderful diary of our month.

7. Christmas food is for Christmas, at the earliest Christmas Eve, don’t ask for it before!

8. Whilst my family think they’re humouring me, I know that secretly they love their Christmas jumpers!

9. For at least the past 25 years, I’ve always had lychees at Christmas. It’s a bit random. but I’m as happy tucking into my lychees as a posh box of chocolates!

10. I love cooking and I start planning my menu as soon as the Good Food Vegetarian is published. On Christmas Day cooking in the kitchen listening to the carols on Classic FM is my time. The Christmas Eve menu is always simple pie, mash and pies so I can create a special dessert. This year it was Baked Alaska which definitely has the wow factor.

11 My simple pleasure is to sit down and watch a 30 minute animated story with the children. This year it’s The Tiger who Came to Tea. The cuddles, laughter and warmth make it one of those special moments.

I love reading about others’ traditions, the simplest actions can make the fondest memories.


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