My Week of Little Sparkles ✨ …


This was a tough parenting week. After so much effort in trying to get Little Man into a special school we got the official response that whilst they did think he was suitable (yeah, a win) there were no spaces in the Year 7 starting in 2020. We’ve now begun the process of appealing, writing letters to get additional support etc. Every time he needs additional help, an EHCP or a move to a special school it is such a battle with bureaucracy and funding. Also this week Little Miss has been experiencing friendship difficulties which are pretty heartbreaking to see. However, even worse has been the behaviour of parents who are unable to take a balanced view of events and have made the situation even more difficult. Fortunately after this tough week where work has been madly busy too, we ended with a lovely weekend and a very poignant reminder of how important family is.

In writing this I realised that our sparkles are mostly from the weekend. It was a tough week, although I was impressed by the children’s new dentist, so funny and friendly, he even helped Little Miss with her English homework! She also has a new hair cut, the hairdresser totally got her and gave her a rock chick bob which she aces.

1. With Me Now podcast

I love WMN and with a long drive to Uni on Friday I got to listen to it in peace and quiet. OMG this episode had all the feels, tears of laughter and sadness. It also featured contributions from two bloggers whose running blogs I have read for years and have inspired me via the net.

2. A big Christmas tree 🎄

Our Uni course is taught in a 18th century Mansion House, it is a very grand venue, rather different from my undergraduate days! When I arrived on Friday I was greeted by one of the biggest indoor trees I’ve seen. The photo doesn’t really show the true perspective of the tree, it’s huge. The Christmas craft markets and parties started at the house this weekend so I think this was why I thought I’d fast forwarded a month when I arrived.

3. parkrun mud.

Wow, this was the muddiest ( and slowest) parkrun we’ve done so far. We embraced the conditions making it also one of the best!

4. A naming ceremony.

This was my first naming ceremony and it was for my friend’s miracle baby twins. It was such a joyful and happy event. I was so impressed by the ethos and style of the ceremony. The celebrant was fantastic and explained the parents choice for the ceremony and that the value they placed on faith was important but they wanted their children to make their own choices. The ceremony featured aspects of a christening, the lighting of candles, god parents and the audience promising to guide and support the children. However the most beautiful part was the parents promise which they had written to their children, this was emotional and tissues were needed.

After the ceremony, we all enjoyed an afternoon party and it was just perfect. My friend had organised a rainbow theme and the decoration was unbelievable, a totally instagram ‘able flower rainbow wall of colours (and yes we’ve lots of photos of us all standing in front ), a big rainbow of balloons, balloon decorations on each table, the babies initials filled with balloons. Totally stunning. The children loved the party there was a face painter, balloon modeller, magician, doughnut stall , pick n mix stall etc… This entertainment allowed the adults to relax and chat and enjoy the wonderful food and drink available to us. It was such a special and unexpectedly emotional afternoon and one which reminded us all of the importance of family.

I have a final sparkle, not very exciting but one which made me happy. I worked my day off this week and missed my cleaning day. This morning we all worked together to deep clean the house and its lovely tonight to have such a spotless and organised house. I’m one of those people who gets excited by neatly folded colour coordinated towels in my bathroom cupboard! Christmas entertaining starts next week so I now feel I’m in a good place to start.


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