Little Sparkles – July 2019


July is always a busy month due to many family celebrations (there’s always cake in our house this month) and is my favourite month of the year, its my birthday, we break up for the summer holidays and in our town its carnival.  However even by our standards its been an epic month, the diary has been crammed with special events and I have had so much fun.  So below is a brief summary of our sparkles for the month ….



We knew this was going to be an emotional month and it had its highs and lows as Little Miss finished primary school.  The few days after the transition visit to secondary were difficult  but despite our worries she was amazing in the last few days at school and enjoyed her leaving party and final assembly.   Little Man’s class assembly and the Leavers assembly were brilliant, positive and joyful and I was so proud of them both.  The school events this month were endless, apprentice fair, parents evening, summer fair, class assembly, leavers party etc..  Its nice to be on holiday now.


us  judy blume

Its been such a busy month that I struggled to read just one book, Us by David Nicholls.  I really enjoyed Starter for Ten and One Day by the same author but this book just didn’t rock my boat in the same way.  Its about a middle aged couple contemplating their future together on a grand tour of Europe, it was fine but I think we all know that’s not a great one word review of a book.

However I did read a book aloud with Little Miss which bizarrely I missed at her age,  Are you there, God?  Its me, Margaret.  Its unusual because I loved Judy Blume growing up and she taught me and my friends so much ( Forever, the ultimate teen girl guide to sex) Every evening Little Miss and I read together and I felt this was the perfect book this month, moving to a new school, trying to work out who you are, realising everyone else is not the confident people they appear, the danger of gossip etc.. I loved it as did Little Miss.


No time for the cinema this month but I have enjoyed lots of live music and without a doubt the highlight was Jess Glynne, a girls’ birthday treat.  I loved Jess Glynne’s attitude, honesty and wit and she was a brilliant performer singing all her hits.  On the same evening we also saw the Human League and Electric Dreams was the highlight of their set.


I’ve been so lucky this month to be able to watch my children have so much fun, there were school parties and the legendary beach party with the cubs and we did our annual trip to Paultons Park, which is my favourite theme park and family day out.  Whilst I enjoy watching the children on the scary rides which make me a bit sick, I join in lots too, and the water rides are my favourites.  It was such a lovely, hot, sunny day when we went and the managers  kept the park open later for everyone to enjoy even more rides.

Its also been carnival this month so we’ve seen the grand parade which was really good, the theme of musicals inspired some great floats and we’ve been to the carnival field to see an eclectic mix of acts, the singing grannies amused me more than I expected. We’ve also watched fireworks and acrobatic plane displays from our garden.  Summer at the seaside is just awesome.


I’ve made a few cakes this month!  I’ve also made meals using home grown vegetables, carrots, cabbage, spinach, runner beans and salads, rocket, lettuce and cucumbers (our tomatoes are still ripening) as well as doing done a few swapsies with our neighbours. I love eating food grown in our own garden, it seems tastier and more satisfying.  I’m very grateful to Mr S for his gardening, the garden is where he relaxes and enjoys pottering around.


I’ve tried to make a few flower displays this month. One of my #19for 2019 was themed around flower arranging so I borrowed a book and have been experimenting.  I love my house being filled with fresh flowers and over this year I’ve been buying a few new varieties.


In this crazy month one of my favourite evenings was at a pub with friends on a random Tuesday night.  It had been one of those very hot and sunny days when you just want to enjoy the coolness of the evening and we sat outside by the quay with a few drinks and a gourmet burger and chips.  The evening had such a lovely atmosphere, people on the river bank dangling legs in the water, a procession of kayaks and small boats sailing past, one of those nights out that you’re in great company and everything seems pretty perfect in life!


And now onto August, where hopefully everything will be quieter and more relaxed.  We’re already into the swing of relaxed morning routines and little adventures.  We’re off on our family holiday in August.  I like the holidays to simply pause, reflect and think and to return refreshed and ready for the new year ahead, its a teacher thing, my new year is always September 1st and not January!


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