Me Time.


Today I had one of those days where due to a strange alignment of events, I found myself at home alone for 24 hours! Little Man is on cub camp and Mr S has taken Little Miss to see his Dad.  As Grandad is older and frailer now, Mr S only takes one child at a time to visit to make the stay a little easier.  This left me with the glorious prospect of a day alone.  I am never alone and to have a day to myself is such a luxury.  I decided to keep Sunday morning for all the household jobs and Saturday for me.  I chose not to do something big but just simple pleasures, so my day today has included …

  1. Listening to a Podcast and not Capital radio in my car.   Its the little things..
  2. Park Run with no time constraints or pick ups etc.. to think about (and I got a PB)
  3. A shopping trip in big town.  I didn’t buy much but it was just nice to potter.
  4. A few nice nibbles from Marks and Spencers’ food hall for tea.
  5. A good coffee in a café simply thinking and daydreaming.
  6. Treating myself to and appreciating a bunch of peonies.
  7. Reading the Saturday paper in bed because its comfy and indulgent. (the front cover relates to an article on male ballet dancers, in case you’re wondering about the unusual image)
  8. Likewise watching a film in bed in the afternoon (Crazy, Rich Asians, I loved it, a perfect romcom for my mood today)
  9. Enjoying a bubble bath with a relaxing playlist, a magazine, a cup of tea and no interruptions.
  10. Writing some blog posts without the tv being on and just my music.
  11. Planning, organising and writing lists (I love doing this!)

Its been a wonderfully relaxing day and I’ve enjoyed my little pleasures, of course I’m looking forward for our family being back together whilst appreciating my time alone today.


One thought on “Me Time.

  1. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed this time to yourself and made the most of it – self care and me time is so important, especially as parents I think, and is definitely needed & deserved more often than we think.. And definitely more often than we allow ourselves to indulge in this way. Lovely to read this!

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