#blogtober18 : Day 12 : Loving These Right Now …

I’m playing catch up on #Blogtober18, I’m just a couple of days behind so for speed its a list for this post and it may become a bit random.  These are a few of the things I’m loving right now ….

Strictly Come Dancing.  This is my favourite television programme, I love the dancing, music, costumes, make up, the sparkles and all the feels it gives me.  Mr S isn’t a fan so I follow the commentary on Twitter and it just adds a little extra to the show.

My new candle.  I picked it up at a local craft show and the sweet orange and chilli pepper aroma is so warming on cooler autumn evenings.

Lauren Laverne of Desert Island Discs.  Kirsty is the Queen of Desert Island Discs, but her ‘cover’ in Lauren Laverne is superb and making this series an excellent listen.

Wicked.  I saw the musical on Saturday and can’t stop thinking about it.  The story was so unexpected and my interpretation of the characters changes the more I think about it.  The songs, costumes were all stunning and this musical will stay with me for a long time.

Converse Pumps.  I am awaiting surgery on my foot and despite my best efforts to find a shoe to fit, converse pumps are the only ones I am able to wear.  I have an old navy pair but have embraced colour with a lilac pair and bright red for fun.

The walk home from school.  I always love the walk home with the children, but with the  unseasonably mild afternoons and the sensory fun of crunching through the fallen leaves the autumn walk home is one of life’s simple pleasures.  I’m also embracing the final year of my two walking home together, this time next year Little Miss will be at secondary and I’ll be missing this time to walk and talk together.



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