#18for2018 Go to a roller disco


Its been a while since I posted a #18for2018 update however I haven’t forgotten about my project its just that many items are works in progress.  For example,  I’ve read 20 books this year of which 3 have been 5 star reads according to my Good Reads account where I have been writing a review for each book.  I’ve been playing some summer sports; cricket and rounders have been ticked off but I want to include more.  I’m running to a schedule and have a kayak lesson booked for next week, so am feeling confident to meet these although the distance may need to be changed.  The ones on wearing a pretty pair of heeled shoes and to look after my feet are a little more difficult since my diagnosis of arthritis in my right foot but I’m looking to be creative here too, I have a new pair of sparkly flip flops, which along with pumps are the only shoes I can wear in comfort at present! I am still confident that I will complete my list this year.

However today I have one of my #18for 2018 to tick off and report on #12 Go to a roller disco. When I created my list for 2018, it was about doing something fun, something different or simply getting out of my comfort zone.  I chose the roller disco because I’ve grown up watching the American movies where they go to such discos and they look fun. I often go to the Christmas ice rinks which pop up in December and can skate my way around the rink with a quiet confidence so I decided that I wanted to try a roller disco, different skates but a similar style I predicted.  I was wrong! As soon I laced up my boots and stood up, I wobbled, you can walk fairly easily balanced on the blade of an ice skate, the four wheels of a skate don’t allow you to do this! It was at this point, I realised that it was probably 30 years since I had last worn roller skates.  For the first few circuits Little Man and I clung to the side but we did grew more confident, daring and determined as we progressed, Little Miss was superb from her first steps! It was so good to see how Little Man started frustrated and angry and was dabbing and dancing by the end, one of my happiest memories of the trip will be to us dancing (upper body only as we were never perfected twists and turns on the skates) to Upton Funk, it was one of those in the moment occasions, a shared joy.



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