Dippy the dinosaur

For me Dippy the dinosaur is an iconic character. I have happy memories of childhood trips to the Natural History museum and he appears in so many stories and films that Dippy is a national treasure and the exhibit whom has captivated so many children. I was a little sad when he was retired from his London home, thinking my children would never get the opportunity to see him and to get the sense of awe and curiosity which generations have experienced on seeing the model.

However Dippy is on tour and this week we had a day trip to meet him. I was a tad worried that Dippy would be different to what I remembered, not so impressive or just a little tired, however I can happily report that he is just as captivating and interesting as I remembered. I was star struck! Fortunately it was not just me as the children loved him too. The hall he is in has two floors and to walk along the gallery is mind boggling as his body takes up the whole hall space and you really get the scale of the size of a dinosaur. Downstairs you can measure yourself against his leg and feel so tiny but for me the gallery view was incredible. At one end you come face to face to Dippy and it’s fascinating, his head seems quite small in comparison to the body.

It was great to see Dippy drawing in the crowds, I booked tickets in advance as many slots for the holidays are already fully booked. Entrance to the Dippy tour was free and it gave us so much pleasure and delight, a treat for all the family.



2 thoughts on “Dippy the dinosaur

  1. Growing up in London, and having made pretty much yearly trips to the Natural History museum, Dippy was a huge part on my childhood and something I was so keen to share with my little one… I was a bit sad to hear he was leaving, and none of the tours are very convenient for us, however I did read somewhere that in a year or so he will be returning after having a clean & maintain somewhere else. I have no idea if that’s true, but I hope it is.

    Sounds like a lovely day out.

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