Snow Day 2018

img_1005 So this should have been a little post tonight about World Book day and the fun we had dressing up in our costumes.  However, the children never got the opportunity to dress up today as we had a snow day!  Snow is really rare where we live and the last significant snow was in our first few months as a family in 2010, so a snow day for the children is a rare treat.

Although for my children a snow day is a treat, for me as a teacher in a special needs school its different.  Whilst our day students were not at school today, we are also a residential school so a snow day is not an option for us, we need to open and staff our school.  Our students aren’t just students they are our young people, we care for them, we want them to feel safe and secure and when things are different, we need to be there for them.  Our staff team have been terrific today and we’re prepared for tomorrow.  Things will be a little different as only those staff local will be able to come in, our rural town is currently cut off by road closures.  However we have enough staff by people volunteering to do longer hours, coming in on their days off or staying with friends locally to allow them to be on shift as needed. The conditions are so bad here today that every member of staff will need to walk to school tomorrow, but we will and we know there’ll be a hot drink waiting for us when we arrive.  It’ll be a fun day, these are the days when everyone pulls together and are the ones we always remember.  And, yes we’ll be making snowmen and snow angels and having snowball fights, every child should have the opportunity to experience a snow day at home or at school.



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