A bedroom make over


Last week, we undertook a little house project and decorated our bedroom.  Its long overdue and to be honest the room has been a little neglected over the years.  It had become a very functional room, simply to sleep and get dressed in and very little else.  It simply didn’t convey warmth and cosiness and we spent very little time in it.  However we decided it was time to make it into something special and a little haven for us.

Whilst we have redecorated and bought new soft furnishings and carpet, I think one of the biggest changes was decluttering the room, we have recycled and thrown away lots of clothes and ‘things’ which were hidden away in drawers.  Its has felt rather cleansing to do this and the room does feel light and airy.

Although we have tidied the room, I also like that I now have on display some things which have always been very special to me and hidden away.  I love Rennie McIntosh and bought the McIntosh inspired mirror about 25 years ago on a trip to Glasgow.  Its one of those accessories which has followed me to every house I’ve lived in and now it colour coordinates in our room beautifully.  On my bedside table I also have this little bud vase in Bath Aqua Glass, I was gifted a beautiful collection of this glassware when I left my school in Bristol and again I love that something which has so many happy memories is now at the heart of my room.  To me it is not simply about colour coordination but a warmth and aura created by special objects.  I love the William Morris quote to not have anything neither useful or beautiful in your home.


In choosing the colours for our new room, I based it around our new duvet cover from Dunelm!  I like the grey and the complementary colours so our new carpet and curtains are dark grey and the walls are painted in Dulux Blush pink with teal soft furnishings.  My final touch will be a mustard yellow cushion to finish off the bed and bring all the colours together.  Its a simple look but one which I hope will be easy to update regularly over the years.

We are both so pleased with our new bedroom, its a room where we now want to spend time and relax, its clean, tidy and warm and hopefully reflects us.


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