#ecosparkles2018 : Week 6

I was thinking this week that some of this project is not about doing but not doing.  For example, I love glossy magazines but I started to think about the energy costs involved for what these days sometimes seems to be adverts and not quality pieces.  It occurred to me that blogs are filling that void with interesting, relevant posts and do I need to have the magazines?  So one of my eco activities has been not to buy any of this month’s glossy magazines.  When I was in town last week I found myself really questioning my need for products, I bought what I needed but didn’t succumb to any other purchases.  Here are more of my ecosparkles this week .

  1. This week I have been looking at seasonal foods, rather than choose a recipe and then go shopping I did it the other way.  I chose seasonal vegetables and then looked up a recipe in my cookery bible, Good Housekeeping.  The parsnip and potato rosti was gorgeous, who would have thought of nutmeg with those vegetables?  I’ve also bought this poster to display in my kitchen to promote seasonal eating.  https://www.lizcookcharts.co.uk/seasonal-uk-fruit-and-vegetable-chart.html
  2. It was time to tidy up this week and I took all the out of date and used medicines to the chemist to be disposed of safely and not harm our environment in landfill.
  3. I have been looking at food packaging carefully.  We have lots of small independent shops in our town who do use paper bags and I always try to use these shops.  Sadly there is no independent grocer and no food market until Easter so vegetables and fruit can be quite packaged in the supermarket.  I’m finding myself frustrated with trying to prepare a green lunch, my pleas to return the tin foil have varied results.   However I have found these beeswax sandwich covers to try. https://www.asliceofgreen.co.uk/food-wraps-and-bags/robots-large-baggie.html

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