A trip to Bristol’s Christmas markets, the Christmas Radio Times and football commentary #littleloves

This week we’ve been enjoying the first week of our Christmas holidays and its come as a welcome break.  Despite my best efforts life has felt a little overwhelming at times in the past few weeks, so a quiet week was just what was needed.  We started with a few days away at my parents and then our days since we returned seem to have developed a routine of a long walk or outdoor activity in the morningand then a film or Wii U in the afternoon.  We still have a few more traditions to do before Christmas but these are always reserved for the final days of advent.

Bristol, from the M Shed, looking spectacular on Monday.  

img_5375I’m sure I’m not the only one this week who has sat down to read the  Radio Times with a highlighter to mark my programmes for this fortnight.  I think the programmes I’m most looking forward to are Call the Midwife and the new tv adaptation of Little Women.

img_0510I’m also continuing reading The Christmasaurus with the children which is such a delightful book.  Its not only at bedtimes this week either as we worked out that if we want to finish it by Christmas we need to sit down and read a few chapters during the day too.  There are far worse ways to spend your time.


On Saturday I sat down and watched the Strictly final.  I didn’t have a clear favourite before the show and would have been happy with any finalist as a winner.  However given their performances, the majority of my votes on the night went to Joe and Katya and I was pleased they won.  We were enchanted by their show dance, the way Cinderella’s rags turned into a ball gown was magical.

Although I’ve watched much of the series I missed the Apprentice final, its been an uninspiring series and then when I heard that they both got picked, I felt the whole series was a bit rubbish this season.  It really needs to improve next year with some quality candidates and solid business ideas.

img_5378Okay be warned there are some tenuous links in this section this week.

Firstly, I made a discovery, Bounty spread, OMG has anyone tasted this coconut spread it is gorgeous on a crumpet or whispers on a teaspoon from the jar.

img_0443I also made a purchase.  I was given a gift voucher at work but decided to use it against some household purchases so I could swap it for cash.  At the Bristol Christmas markets (which were gorgeous) I found this clay decoration on a stall called the Nutcracker.  Not only does it light up when you put in a lit tea light, but if you put water and some essential oils in the chimney it emits smoke and a little festive fragrance.  I love my new decoration and it fits in beautifully with what I like to describe as my Hansel and Gretel display.



I have a new Christmas scarf which I bought when I was in Bristol.  For those familiar with Bristol, the scarf is from St Nick’s market, where I used to love to hang out when I was younger, there are always lots of quirky finds here and I impressed myself with only buying one thing here!



I have been a football fan all my life and Bristol City are my team.  I was a season ticket holder at Ashton Gate for many years and I only stopped going when we moved away.  Bristol City will always be my number 1 team.  This week they were in the Carabou League cup quarter final against Manchester United and I listened to the commentary on Radio 5.  I was so proud that Bristol City beat Man Utd and it was exciting to hear the match and the late, late winner.


 So its nearly time for Christmas now and I am ready and looking forward to the big day.  In the meantime we have few special things we do in the last few days, making gingerbread decorations, touring the local Christmas lights and visiting neighbours with gifts and cards.  We have my father in law staying with us for Christmas and then on Wednesday we’re off to Butlins for a little break, which we’re all looking forward to.

Merry Christmas to Morgana and all the other #littleloves contributors, I hope you all have a happy and sparkly Christmas.



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